Chelsea Houska And Cole DeBoer Wedding Date And Venue Revealed, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Privacy Invaded

Chelsea Houska is one of the most popular ladies from the Teen Mom franchise. She currently appears on Teen Mom 2, but she began on 16 & Pregnant when she gave birth to her daughter Aubree. While things went south with her daughter’s father, Adam Lind, Houska has raised Aubree on her own while bettering her life in the process.

Throughout filming for Teen Mom 2, Houska has introduced fans to her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer. They announced their engagement and plans to marry this fall last year.

There are two more Teen Mom weddings this fall along with Chelsea Houska’s. She is the only one from Teen Mom 2 tying the knot, but both Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG are getting married as well. Houska has been quiet about the wedding and the date, only giving up that it would be this fall. She wanted this to be a special time for her and Cole DeBoer.

According to Radar Online, Chelsea Houska’s wedding registry was recently found. This revealed she will be getting married October 1 in Hartford, South Dakota. It was further revealed that her bridal shower would be happening soon, as most of the registry options have been purchased.

So much has changed since the world met Chelsea Houska. She has remained out of the limelight for the most part, except when announcing things like her engagement. It has been a long road to happiness for Houska, but Cole DeBoer is the one for her. He has stepped up for Aubree where Adam Lind has not. A recent episode of Teen Mom 2 revealed that DeBoer escorted Aubree to the daddy-daughter dance when Lind failed to show up. Houska was incredibly grateful, and she constantly reminds him of how wonderful he is with Aubree.

Once Chelsea Houska announced her engagement to Cole DeBoer, she also revealed some of her wedding plans. She has shared some minor details with her fans, but most of it remains private. Houska opted not to film her wedding for Teen Mom 2. Both Chelsea and Cole decided to keep that moment private. They will share photos and other things, but the ceremony itself will be intimate and cozy.

Fans understand her choice, especially since she is used to being quiet about her personal life. When DeBoer began dating Chelsea, he was shy about being filmed. She respected his wishes last season, and this season, he has gotten more comfortable with the cameras. It is clear that these two love each other very much, and Aubree is gaining a wonderful man in her life.

Now that the details of Chelsea Houska’s wedding date and venue have been released, things could get messy. Because she is a public figure, there will likely be security present at the venue. While she will probably still use the same place and date, there will have to be some precautions taken.

Houska was adamant about not being filmed and having her privacy, and that was blown out of the water. Chelsea has not commented on the initial reports that leaked the information and likely won’t in order to keep talk about it down.

Teen Mom 2 has reportedly started filming, and Chelsea Houska will be appearing. Adam Lind has threatened to quit, but he isn’t going anywhere. Houska’s part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion is airing tonight on MTV, and Cole DeBoer will be with her. Dr. Drew will likely ask questions about the wedding, so new details may be available. Fans are excited for Chelsea and Cole and the life they are about to embark on. Watching Chelsea Houska find her true love play out on television has fans emotional already.

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