SoKo Rants On Twitter After Kristen Stewart Breakup And Wrapping ‘The Dancer’

SoKo Moves Forward As Ex Girlfriend Kristen Stewart Does Revealing Interview

SoKo was thrown into the limelight when she started appearing as the girlfriend of Kristen Stewart. But just because that relationship did not pan out, that doesn’t mean that SoKo isn’t famous any more.

The 30-year-old singer/actress is coming out with a new movie La Danseuse and is more than happy to share it with the world on her Instagram.

SoKo pours out all her thoughts and feelings on social media and that’s something that her ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart did not do.

“I agree with you. I’m not anti social media, I just haven’t decided to do it,” Kristen said during the ELLE interview. “I have Instagram to connect with my friends, but the idea of addressing such a massive group on social media? I can barely do a televised interview.”

At least she knows herself well! Kristen is known for being awkward during promotional events despite the fact that she is magical on screen.

In the same interview with ELLE, the 26-year-old American actress continued to reveal the way she navigates her relationships, shedding a bit of light on the way she interacts with her lovers.

“Everyone was graduating high school and I’d stopped going, so I kind of fell out of touch with the group,” she said. “I was just with my boyfriend all the time. But then I made a really conscious effort of gathering them and being like, ‘I need you.’ Now they are really awesome, they’re all really protective.”

From her interview, it sounds like she realized that hanging out with her boyfriend (aka Robert Pattinson) was not the best way to not feel lonely. One has to branch out and have a real friend group to keep sanity in Hollywood!

As for SoKo, not having Kristen Stewart around as a girlfriend might have been a little unsettling at first. When they were dating, the French artist said to W Magazine, “I’m very, very, very in love and very happy in a relationship,” which means that the breakup might have come as a surprise.

During Cannes Film Festival 2016, she wasn’t able to totally hide the fact that she wasn’t feeling very well.

Soko appeared downcast as she was pictured out in Cannes on Sunday. Despite party-hopping at the Film Festival this week,” reports Daily Mail. “The actress failed to raise a smile as she headed to the Three Six Zero Entertainment celebration.”

But it looks like she is easing into the role of a budding actress. She has been extensively using her Twitter and Instagram to show how much she is getting involved in high fashion, the glam life of a film star and more.

“French biographical musical drama ‘The Dancer’ is based on the life of American dancer Loie Fuller who found fame in Paris in the late 1800s,” reports Euro News. “Director Stephanie Di Giusto chose singer and actress Soko to play the lead.”

“I’ve known her (Soko) for seven years and I had noticed her in several films and it was just obvious to cast her,” the director said. “I never thought about anyone else – because she’s not only an actress, she’s also an artist, she sings, she does many things and I like the way she gives 100 per cent engagement. She doesn’t cheat.”

Check out SoKo at a Kenzo event!

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