‘Sister Wives’ News: Family Friend Says Kody Brown Plans To Divorce Wives, Marry Two New Ones

Kody Brown and his wives are used to being in the middle of the tabloids. On a recent episode of the show, they talked about how the kids even see them and ask questions. Now Hollywood Life is sharing that the new issue of Life & Style has a bombshell about the family on the front. This new story says that Kody wants to divorce all of the wives he has now and then move on to get two new younger and prettier wives. This story is pretty surprising if it is true. This would mean that Kody’s entire life would be changing.

Family friend Kendra Pollard is the one speaking out. Kendra has been known for saying things about the Brown family in the past. Some have been true, but this one sounds a bit wild. Kendra spoke out and shared details.

“Kody doesn’t want to keep dealing with his current wives. They haven’t been supportive of him, so Kody has planned the ultimate revenge.”

Kendra went on to say that Kody is courting a close family friend of theirs and also Mindy Jessop just like the rumors have been saying. It sounds like he is serious about finding someone new. Kendra said, “The Browns have mingled with [her] on and off over the years. Robyn’s not sure, and I’m not sure, if this is a legit love or for TV purposes. It’s freaky, and Kody swore that he would never do this.”

Kendra explained that everyone is talking about it. When rumors started that Kody Brown wanted to add a fifth wife, nobody was shocked by that idea. The thought that Kody would divorce all four of his wives and move on to two new ones is really surprising, though. This would be a huge change, and with so many kids involved, it would make life difficult on the Browns.

The Brown family has been dealing with some issues since Meri Brown announced that she was catfished. Meri was talking to someone online she thought was a man that turned out to be a woman. This person was lying to her and really got to the entire Brown family. Meri has had a hard time getting over it all and moving on.

IB Times shared that there were a few shocking moments during the big Brown tell-all last week. Robyn Brown did share that she is not sure if she is done having children or not. If Robyn is done, that would mean that none of Kody’s wives have plans of giving him anymore kids.

Maddie Brown actually shared her thoughts on having kids herself as well. She said, “Everyone in my family is baby-hungry. No matter how many babies are born, there’s not enough! So I get that question a lot from my immediate family as well as my extended family and his family as well… but what can you do? I’m not going to bring a child into this world when I’m not ready for it.”

Kody won’t be having any grandchildren right away either. It does sound like Logan will be getting married soon, though and Mykelti is already engaged. There will always be new children coming into the Brown family in some way.

Are you shocked to hear that Kody Brown might be looking to divorce his wives and find two new ones? Do you think that this is all true about Kody Brown? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. At this time Sister Wives is done airing new episodes, but everyone knows the TLC cameras were there for Maddie Brown’s wedding to Caleb Brush, so they will be back at some point.

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