‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Bryan Cranston Is ‘All In’ To Bring Walter White To ‘Better Call Saul’

Even before Better Call Saul started production, Breaking Bad fans hoped the prequel spin-off would show their favorite characters again. Better Call Saul, which follows Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s lawyer Saul Goodman, has its own tone that’s different from Breaking Bad but still has room to toy with characters fans already loved from the hit AMC series.

The big question is whether or not Bryan Cranston would be up to reprise his role as Walter White for Better Call Saul. The same was asked for actor Aaron Paul, who portrayed Jesse Pinkman. Given that Better Call Saul’s story takes place at a time before Pinkman introduces Saul to Walter White, it was a bit of a head scratcher on how Bryan Cranston would reprise Walter White in this particular series.

As it is, there was little talk about it coming off of the series finale for Breaking Bad, but it seemed like Cranston wanted to get away from playing the dark character for a while. Since he’s had time to distance himself from the character that many know and love him for, it sounds like he’s up to reprise the role if there’s a way the writers of Better Call Saul could make it work.

Bryan Cranston teased fans that he might make an appearance on an upcoming season of Better Call Saul while he was on The Rich Eisen Show.

“You know, here’s the thing. I owe [series creator] Vince Gilligan so much. He was my champion to get this role. If they were to call me and say, ‘We have this idea, we’d like …’ – I would say: ‘Yes, you don’t have to finish the pitch, I’m there, what do you want me to do?'”

He continued to explain that he would be up for anything for Better Call Saul, which has reached critical acclaim as it heads into its third season.

“I would do whatever they want because I know how careful they are and proprietary they are with those characters and the storyline. It would be something kind of unique and obscure and creative, and I’m all in.”

Despite not receiving a call to reprise his role as Walter White just yet, he does have a real “in” to direct an upcoming episode, but that’s something he isn’t so sure about.

“I’m debating whether I want to or not because I’m a fan of the show. There’s a part of me that says that would kind of kill it for me as a fan, to peek behind the curtain.”

I know nothing about it other than what every other fan [knows]. I don’t want to hear anything about it, I want to watch it when it comes out and I’m tuned in.”

As for his former partner in crime, actor Aaron Paul, the last he spoke about a reunion with Cranston was in April.

At the time, he told Entertainment Weekly, “Yeah, we’ve talked about it. They kind of threw some ideas at me. Like, ‘What if? What do you think about this?’ So the conversations are definitely there, but it has to make sense for the show. They’re not just going to throw Jesse in the mix just so the fans can say, ‘Oh, look, it’s Jesse walking in the background.’ It needs to make sense to the show.”

Would you like to see a reunion between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on Better Call Saul?

[Image via AMC]