Kailyn Lowry Plans To Spend ‘Family Time’ With Javi Marroquin When He Returns From Qatar — Could This Save Their Marriage?

Kailyn Lowry is about to face a hard reality. She has been living without Javi Marroquin since December, and his deployment is about to end. Lowry confirmed the couple was having trouble and thinking about divorce just a few weeks ago. Everything had been speculated for quite some time, but seeing Teen Mom 2 air really confirmed it for fans who had speculated the two were having marital issues. Now that Marroquin is on his way home, things are going to get real.

There have been some conflicting reports about Kailyn Lowry and her intentions for her marriage. When Javi Marroquin videoed into the Teen Mom 2 reunion and talked about not wanting a divorce, Lowry allegedly considered reconciliation. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kailyn Lowry will be spending time with Javi Marroquin and both boys when he arrives home. This is much needed for Isaac and Lincoln because they miss him. Lowry had initially booked a family vacation to celebrate a few months back, but it is unclear if that is where the family will be headed.

Accusations have been flying about Kailyn Lowry cheating on Javi Marroquin for several months. Nothing has been confirmed, but an ex-boyfriend of Lowry’s came forward and insisted he spent time with her while she was filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion. She denied his claims immediately, but it placed doubts in the minds of fans.

There were also some talks about Marroquin possibly entertaining another woman while being in Qatar. It appeared she was stationed with him as the photos were shared via Twitter. Neither party has admitted to infidelity in the marriage, and it is likely that they will not in the future.

Javi Marroquin apologized to Kailyn Lowry on the Teen Mom 2 reunion for the way he responded to her when they suffered a miscarriage. His reaction was discussed on the show, but no one really knew how badly the incident affected their marriage. Since then, Lowry has undergone a few plastic surgeries and really attempted to change her image. Marroquin supported her decision to work with Dr. Miami and get the procedures done, even sticking up for her against critics across social media.

If there is a possibility the two can work it out, spending time together as a family will be incredibly beneficial. Lowry has been pretty adamant about where she is in life and what she wants, but a change of heart isn’t impossible. She did make it clear, though, she would not stay in the marriage only for the sake of the children.

The next few weeks will be telling about the marital status of Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. Fans are hoping the two will work through their issues and remain a family. Lowry has shared her life with the world for years and Marroquin was someone who fell in love with her while she was filming. The two have been open about their struggles, many of which have been caught on film for Teen Mom 2.

Right now, Kailyn Lowry is going to spend time with her family and see where it all leads. She has been vocal about divorce being an option, and it is rumored the two may just go ahead and finalize things when Marroquin returns. They already have plans to live separately at this point, but no legal paperwork has been made public yet. Unfortunately, things don’t look promising for this young couple because they both want very different things. Kailyn Lowry has a very hard decision to make in the upcoming weeks that will affect her entire life immensely.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]