Rob Kardashian Demanded Khloe Kardashian Invite Blac Chyna For ‘KUWTK’ Birthday Celebration: Feud Finally Over?

Khloe Kardashian was forced by her brother Rob to invite Blac Chyna to her birthday party if she wanted him to attend the bash, it has been revealed.

The 29-year-old has been feuding with his sisters since January, ever since he publicly announced he was dating Chyna, the baby mama and ex-girlfriend to Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend, Tyga.

The situation caused a lot of tension in the family, as seen in previous episodes of the family’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Khloe seemed to be the most stubborn when it came to accepting the fact that her brother was not only dating the former stripper but also decided to propose to her without telling his family in advance.

Since then, Khloe has reportedly found it hard to trust Blac Chyna, for she could’ve at least told Rob’s siblings that they were getting engaged — as opposed to having to hear it from the media.

Hollywood Life, however, alleges that their six-month feud has more or less come to an end after Rob demanded the reality star to invite his pregnant fiancée to the birthday celebration party — it was his way of trying to make peace with his siblings, and Khloe eventually gave in.

A source stresses that Khloe has had a hard time dealing with the relationship between Blac and Rob, mainly because of the fact that Chyna was infamously making snarky comments at Kylie Jenner for “stealing” her former boyfriend, as claimed on her Instagram.

Khloe Kardashian is very protective of her family members, especially Kylie, and Kendall, so once Blac was trying to ignite a feud with the Kardashians, the 32-year-old instantly decided that she didn’t even want to give Chyna the attention she was so desperately looking for, an insider claimed at the time.

Regarding Khloe’s birthday party, a source said, “Rob and Khloe are as tight as a brother and sister could possibly be, but he wasn’t going to her birthday party unless Blac was coming.”

“Khloe initially didn’t want Blac to attend because she still holds a grudge against her for attacking Kylie [Jenner] and believes her intentions with Rob are not on the up and up. But Rob hit Khloe with that reverse psychology, telling her that, if she’s all about family like she always proclaims, then she needs to respect Blac as part of the family, because in due time, she will be. Khloe budged and invited Blac.”

As the source already mentions, Khloe Kardashian had to come around sooner or later since Blac isn’t going anywhere. Not only does she plan on marrying Rob next month, she’s also expected to give birth to their child in September.

In a recent episode of KUWTK, Khloe admits that she can be petty when it comes to situations like these, where she has to be the bigger person and put her differences aside for the sake of those she loves, but she knew that squashing her feud with Chyna was important. Not only for Rob, but also the entire family.

And judging by the photos that Khloe ended up posting on her Instagram later that night, it seems as if Chyna and her soon-to-be sisters-in-law got along rather well. It’s a step in the right direction that has made Rob very happy.

[Photo by Cindy Ord and Greg Doherty/Getty Images]