Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Enjoys Disneyland With Sarah Rodriguez And Daughter Ava

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County showed Tamra Judge having a hard talk with her son, Ryan Vieth. Ryan complained to Tamra about his relationship with Sarah Rodriguez, with whom he has a young daughter. It was revealed that Ryan and Sarah were living in separate homes, with Ryan trying to see his daughter as much as possible. Tamra confessed that she felt guilty watching her son become a single parent like she was. Tamra’s husband, Eddie Judge, warned Tamra to stay out of Ryan and Sarah’s relationship drama. Tamra countered that it’s hard for her to not get involved since Ryan brings his problems with Sarah to her.

Things between Ryan and Sarah have apparently improved since that episode filmed. On Sunday, Sarah posted photos of a family day that she and Ryan had at Disneyland with their daughter. Sarah shared that it was the first time that Ava went to Disneyland. The photos show Ryan, Sarah, and Ava as a loving and happy family. One photo shows Ryan, Sarah, and Ava happily posing together in front of the Disneyland entrance.


“So adorable,” Tamra commented on another photo that shows Ava wearing Minnie ears and sunglasses while in her stroller.

Two weeks ago, Sarah posted a photo of herself with Ryan in the car. The photo shows Sarah looking very happy while Ryan looks more subdued.


Three weeks ago, both Sarah and Ryan went to watch Tamra compete in her first bodybuilding competition.


Viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County have watched Tamra Judge quickly come to terms with her son’s relationship with Sarah Rodriguez. On Season 9, Tamra was shocked when Ryan Vieth announced that he and Sarah, whom Tamra had just met, already set a wedding date. Tamra left the dinner table in hysterics. Despite Eddie Judge’s efforts to calm her down, Tamra screamed at Ryan that he can’t get married to a woman whom he just met on Instagram.

“No. You don’t know her! Oh, God, f**k me. Shoot me. This is f**ked up! You can’t just spring this on me!….This is not right…I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown.”

Sarah’s relationship with Ryan raised eyebrows among some viewers not only because of how they met and how fast they were taking it, but also because of the fact that Sarah already has three daughters from previous relationships. Some viewers commented on social media and blogs how Ryan fell for a woman similar to his mother, not just in appearance, but in the fact that Sarah, like Tamra, was a single mom to multiple children. Tamra herself commented in a confessional interview about the similarities.

“In an odd, weird, way, and not in an incest way, I feel like I’m being replaced. Sarah is a strong woman, she owns a business, she’s a single mom — I feel like he’s dating his mom. Scary.”

Ryan’s relationship with Sarah did move very fast. After getting engaged and bringing Sarah to meet Tamra in March 2014, Sarah got pregnant shortly thereafter. In July 2014, Tamra excitedly announced that she was about to become a grandmother as Sarah was pregnant.

Ava’s subsequent birth was shown in an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra and her mother were shown excitedly holding Ava in the moments right after her birth.

Despite the birth of their first child together, Sarah and Ryan’s relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ryan was arrested for domestic violence in June 2015. When the news came out the next month, Tamra defended her son, writing on Instagram that Ryan wasn’t actually charged with anything and that there are two sides to every story. Tamra maintained that there was no violence or injuries.

Despite what may be happening in her relationship with Ryan Vieth, it seems that Sarah Rodriguez enjoys a good relationship with Tamra Judge. Nine weeks ago, Sarah posted a tribute to Tamra. In an Instagram post, a post that Tamra posted on her own page, Sarah called Tamra an inspiration who is a devoted mom and grandmother.


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