Gigi Hadid Stands By Her Man As Zayn Malik Deals With Overwhelming Anxiety

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid seem to be closer than ever, despite the nasty breakup rumors. The beautiful supermodel is apparently in for the duration, for better or worse, based on her devotion these last few weeks. Her boyfriend is suffering considerably, dealing with his anxiety and Gigi is being nothing but supportive.

Gigi Hadid is letting everyone know she's still Zayn's girl by wearing a black bomber jacket with Zayn's name across the back just this weekend, according to Hollywood Life. While it was written in Arabic, those who wanted to know apparently found a translation. Gigi loves to wear things with his name on them. She's also has a pendant with a huge gold Z on it and a Zayn t-shirt as well, according to Hollywood Life.

Zayn Malik loves to stay home and watch Netflix with Gigi. He is enjoying the quiet life, at least when he can. He and Gigi are very busy people. Zayn and Gigi are flying all over the world, often separately as their careers require. Mr. Malik's music and Miss Hadid's world-class modeling gigs take them from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again in a matter of days. They frequently travel to Europe as well, doing one show after the other. Still, their relationship survives, as the couple appears to adore each other. There is no sign of a breakup, just a lot of work-related travel.
Gigi Hadid is not only crazy about the former One Direction singer, she's way too sweet a girl to abandon anyone in the state of mind Mr. Malik has been in these last few months. Her adorable beau is having terrible anxiety attacks that have forced him to cancel shows and meetings according to BBC.

Zayn Malik has been experiencing stage fright and perhaps other forms of anxiety, over the last several months. He allegedly had similar problems around the time he left One Direction. After canceling on the Capital FM summertime Ball at Wembley earlier this month, Malik put up a tweet to fans.

Gigi Hadid wasted no time responding to Zayn Malik's Instagram. Wembley is a huge UK venue and it would have really been great for his career to perform that night, but Malik just could not make himself go out on that stage. Miss Hadid knew how upset he must have been to cancel that show. She had apparently seen him anxious in that way before, but on those occasions, he still went on. Gigi tweeted a reply, expressing her support.
Gigi Hadid by Frazer Harrison r
Gigi Hadid [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Zayn Malik has suffered from intermittent stress and stage fright since he quit One Direction. He cited stress as his main reason for quitting One Direction at the time. According to Unreality TV, many fans find it confusing, to say the least, that Malik first said he was stressed, but later announced his solo career. Many supposed he was never stressed at all, but now is seems clear that his stress is real. What musician in their right mind would cancel a show at Wembley unless they were in unbearable distress?

Gigi Hadid knows the pain her lover goes through just trying to force himself out onto the stage, and she understands. Many stars go through stage fright occasionally when they perform, but Malik's situation seems intolerable for him at times.

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Zayn Malik [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Zayn Malik has been fortunate enough to find plenty of support and comfort for his anxiety, Adele is working with him, according to TV 3. Adele has also suffered similar attacks, and she too missed a few performances because she could not force herself to perform. Brian McFadden offered advice and support as well, saying he knew exactly what Zayn was going through. Brian suffered a very similar problem when he quit Westlife 12 years ago. McFadden suggested Malik just quit. Zayn's problem is serious but he isn't giving up. He is trying to use his support network to cure his problem. Miss Hadid is a huge part of that network.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid know that part of a good relationship is supporting each other in times of crisis and difficulty.

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