Jon Bon Jovi Grants One Cancer Patient’s Lifelong Dream

Bon Jovi rocker Jon Bon Jovi is one celebrity who enjoys giving back to the community, whether he’s setting up his JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurants to aid the underprivileged, or, as is most recently the case, making dreams come true for his most dedicated fans. Jon was instrumental in making the dreams come true for one woman battling cancer, and all it took was a visit and a free meal.

Jon Bon Jovi Delivers A Ray Of Happiness To One Hospitalized Fan

Carol Cesario is in a New Jersey hospital battling lung cancer, and the one thing that distinguishes her among her friends and family is her devotion to the band Bon Jovi, declaring herself a hardcore fan of Jon Bon Jovi. Rosie Skripkunis, Carol’s daughter, wanted to make just one dream come true for her mother, so, about one month ago, she began sharing a sign on her social media accounts asking Jon Bon Jovi to visit her mother and make her one dream come true.

Whatever result Skripkunis expected, she could never have anticipated receiving such a speedy result. Within an hour of making her online posts, Rosie was working with a Bon Jovi team to realize her mother’s dream come true. In order to make the event as memorable as possible, Rosie kept the news from Carol until the very last minute.

The surprise was to take place at Bon Jovi’s Toms River restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen, with Rosie only telling her mother that they had been given a free meal at the restaurant.

“I lied to her,” Skripkunis said. “I told her I wrote to his restaurant, that they said they couldn’t pass fan mail on, but that they had invited us for a free meal. It was a free meal, but it was a free meal with Bon Jovi there.”

During the meal, which took place on Saturday, Jon Bon Jovi slid up beside Carol and waited for her reaction. It didn’t take long for Cesario to realize who had joined her in the restaurant.

“Oh my God!” shouted Carol.

Jon joined the mother and daughter for the meal, and they all spent hours talking and swapping stories. Bon Jovi even performed some music from his band’s new album, and when the evening came to a close, Jon gifted Carol with an autographed guitar and a book. Bon Jovi also left Carol with a kiss, which may be the most cherished gift of all.

“She slept with the book he gave her,” Skripkunis said.

This House Is Not For Sale Brings Bon Jovi To Cuba

Jon Bon Jovi has been keeping busy with his band when he’s not granting wishes for his most devoted fans, and he recently confirmed rumors that his band would be performing in Cuba during the promotional tour for the new Bon Jovi album, This House is Not For Sale. A recent visit to the country culminated in an interview with Granma, the Cuban communist party’s media outlet, during which Jon said he was disappointed that The Rolling Stones had beaten him to the punch in being the first rock band to tour the country.

The Rolling Stones performed at the Ciudad Deportiva in Havana on March 25.

The Jon Bon Jovi interview also afforded the singer to comment on the abrupt departure of longtime guitarist and song writer Richie Sambora, a parting which Jon admits still hurts.

“I haven’t seen him in over three years. He just didn’t show up for work anymore,” says the Bon Jovi frontman of Sambora’s departure. “And that’s the truth of the matter.”

Jon says that fans need not worry that Sambora’s decision to leave the band means the end of Bon Jovi. Jon recognizes that other obligations and dreams may have necessitated Richie’s departure, but he reminds fans that the show must go on. As though reinforcing the idea that Bon Jovi is far from finished, Jon said their fourteenth studio album, This House is Not For Sale, signifies a return to the beginning for the band.

[Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]