Rihanna’s ‘Sledgehammer’ Song Emotionalizes Cast In ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer 3 And Broadens Appeal Of Movie Series

Colin Fredericson - Author

Jun. 27 2016, Updated 9:08 a.m. ET

Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” is the new anthem of Star Trek Beyond. Trailer 3 sees even more of the energy that action fans loved but Star Trek purists hated from the previous trailers, except it comes across rather soothing with Rihanna’s voice as a backdrop to the action. Star Trek is seeking a new audience for a new generation, which is why pop singers and action movie directors have been brought in.

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The new generation of Star Trek fans that this movie could give birth to are already nerdier than the Star Trek fans of previous generations. The Star Trek conventions are likely to see a lot more activity after this film comes out and pulls in fans of Rihanna and action movies like The Fast and the Furious, which is where Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin comes in from.

Rihanna is currently in the United Kingdom on tour to support her Anti album. As Bustle reports, she was rumored to either perform at the BET Awards 2016 or close the very rainy Glastonbury Festival in England with Coldplay. Instead, she did neither, but she showed up in the Star Trek Beyond trailer with a song destined for the soundtrack.

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The BET Awards 2016 was an affair full of Prince tributes and political statements. It almost didn’t need Rihanna to step on stage and steal the show and take attention away with another one of her inspiring outfits. The Glastonbury closing show had one of the Bee Gees take the stage with Coldplay instead of Rihanna despite her rumored presence, perhaps to cement the festival across generations.

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Rihanna must have been too busy getting ready to release “Sledgehammer” at the same time as being in the midst of shows in Ireland and the United Kingdom before she moves on to Europe. But the Star Trek Beyond Trailer 3 thumbnail image shows her in alien paint as if she is a part of the Star Trek Beyond cast. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her in there, as the movie is aiming to be relevant. Perhaps they will release a music video for the song where Rihanna is playing a character in the Star Trek world.

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Star Trek Beyond has run into quite a few snags ahead of its first trailer. Star Trek fans rolled their eyes when they found out a director known for his action movies, Justin Lin, was on board to direct. They were somewhat justified when the trailers arrived. They are certainly different than the first two Star Trek reboot movies, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, and miles away from the other Star Trek series that appeared before. However, these movies can’t just appeal to aging Star Trek fans who watched the earlier TV shows and movies if they want to stay relevant and have an impact.

The Star Trek Beyond release date is July 22, not long after Ghostbusters comes out, which is another science fiction franchise reboot with legions of fans who claim it will disappoint. As Collider reports, in Star Trek’s case, a new Star Trek TV series will also follow on CBS.

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The TV series looks to be a bit more traditional in its approach and will probably be what all those Star Trek fans who can’t stand the new movies will watch. The TV series is being headed by someone who worked on both Deep Space Nine and Voyager, so he is expected to carry through some of the elements sacred to Star Trek fans.

Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” getting added to the Star Trek Beyond trailer is a bold move by producers after the earlier criticism. It shows they aren’t afraid to link the new Star Trek movies to a new era and garner all the young fans and ticket sales that will come once enough people new to the franchise take an interest.

If they really want to appeal to people, they should make Rihanna a part of the Star Trek Beyond cast, even if it’s just a little part. By bringing Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” into the picture, they have definitely shown they are committed to taking new directions.

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