House Democrats Sit-In A Joke? — Sit-In Provides Catered Food And Comfortable Pillows Making It A ‘Sleep-Over’

From what many conservative sites are reporting, the House Democrats sit-in was a joke. The reason why they claim such is because the Democrats who sat on the floor of Congress were given many luxuries including catered meals, sleeping bags, and pillows.

According to The New York Times, more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers initiated an extraordinary protest on the floor of the House of Representatives in which they conducted a sit-in for about 25 hours. The reason for their “act of defiance” was to push gun control, either it be a plan they truly want or a compromise that both Democrats and Republicans can come to terms with. Nevertheless, the fact that Republicans refused to push any gun control bill through the door has caused certain Democrats to take to the floor, arguing they will not “give it up” until something on gun control can be agreed upon.

John Lewis, Democratic Sit-In
The sit-in, initiated and led by John Lewis (D-GA), began on Wednesday, July 22, as a means to demand a vote on gun control legislation. When the Republicans turned off the cameras by calling a recess, the Democrats, especially those sitting on the floor, continued to broadcast from the floor via social media.

Traditionally, sit-ins of any kind are not very comfortable endeavors to pursue. However, it seems that the Democrats sitting on the floor partook in one of the cushiest sit-ins ever conducted. It all started out with the fact that other government officials who side with the Democratic party did what they could to make the House Democrats’ sit-in more comfortable. According to Huffington Post, said fellow Democrats, primarily those in the Senate, made sure the House Democrats did not go hungry as they provided snacks, pizza, coffee, and donuts.

Apparently, Pop Tarts and granola bars were not enough for the Democrats sitting on the floor. According to numerous conservative news sites, including Heat Street and the Conservative Tribune, Democrats sent their aides out to get catered food, sleeping bags, and pillows for the sit-in. Some of the food the Democrats enjoyed during the “sit-in” included appetizers, chicken kebabs, grilled vegetables, and an array of other catered foods.

The Democrats enjoyed a buffet for their sit-in, something that would mostly be absent from any traditional sit-in in the first place. After the Democrats had their fill on rich food, some of them were given pillows and blankets thanks to their aides being sent out to get them. There are event reports that some of the aides got sleeping bags so the Democrats wouldn’t have to lie down directly on the floor.

Ultimately, some might say the Democratic sit-in was nothing more than a 25-hour-long sleep-over or slumber party. The situation was overly hyped and highly reported, but after its time went by, nothing was truly accomplished. All it seemed to do was force out a reaction from the American people. Liberals admired the Democrats, praising their aggressive stance in pushing some form of gun control through the door. Conservatives on the other hand mocked the Democrats, comparing them to little children who sit on the floor, arms folded, pouted faces when they don’t get what they want. Some conservatives even made memes of the Democrats wearing baby bibs and bonnet with pacifiers shoved in their mouths.

There is one detail that was was never reported and that is if good American tax dollars, which could go to better means such as education or infrastructure, were used for the food and comfort items. If they were, Americans are sure to have a problem with it.

[Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images]