Hillary Clinton Marches In The NYC Gay Pride Parade 2016

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the 2016 NYC Gay Pride Parade, joining thousands of members and allies of the LGBTQ community in commemoration of the gay rights movement as well as the recent tragic shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Clinton was also joined by other politicians such as New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio and the state’s governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as Barbara Poma – the owner of Pulse, the site of the Orlando shootings – who rode atop a Stonewall Inn float in a rainbow themed dress.

Democrat Hillary Clinton paid tribute to the 49 victims of the recent massacre at Pulse by marching alongside the members of the LGBTQ community in the Gay Pride Parade that, this year, started with a moment of silence for the tragedy at Orlando.

The former Secretary of State advertised her presence at the Gay Pride Parade on social media, posting a picture of herself marching in the #NYCPride tag on Twitter.

Hillary Clinton also tweeted out her support for the LGBT cause while marching, reminding the marchers that though the NYC Gay Pride Parade is celebrating the LGBTQ cause, there are still “too many barriers” that need to be brought down.

This is not Hillary’s first time marching in the New York City Gay Pride Parade, she also marched alongside many others in the 2000 NYC Gay Pride Parade. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has – according to Yahoo News – made LGBTQ rights a “cornerstone” of her campaign.

“On Friday, her campaign released a video featuring former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank highlighting her past experiences marching in the parade. Frank, who was the first openly gay member of Congress, described marching with Clinton in 2000 as ‘one of the most emotional moments of my life.'”

Additionally, Clinton’s campaign released a new pro-gay rights video today, captioning it “Every LGBT American deserves to live, work, and marry free from discrimination or violence,” just before she herself made her appearance at the NYC Pride Parade

Hillary Clinton has, in fact, been rallying much for LGBTQ rights and gun control in light of the shooting victims at Orlando.

In a series of tweets, Clinton showed her support for the LGBTQ community by continuing to campaign for gun control laws. In reference to the gay nightclub shootings, the presumptive democratic nominee said that “no person should be gunned down while learning, teaching, praying, or dancing.”

Adding that the United States has more mass shootings “than any other country in the world,” the presidential candidate further called for gun control laws in the face of these ‘unacceptable’ stats.

Clinton used her support for the LGBT community and her surprise appearance at the NYC Gay Pride Parade to strengthen her campaigning both for gay rights as well as gun control laws.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]