Jessie J Is A Difficult And Intimidating ‘Diva,’ For The Right Causes

Social media had nothing better to do recently when they went after Jessie J of The Voice: Australia for her choice of wig on the show, comparing her to Morticia of The Addams Family, according to The Daily Mail.

The comparison could be considered an insult, or one made in jest, but Jessie J wasn’t the only judge on The Voice they went after, as others on the panel were also compared to famous characters for their wardrobe choices, such as comparing Ronan Keating to Austin Powers for choosing to wear a turtle neck on the show.

But, the reason why Jessie J has been wearing a wig on The Voice is clearly due to her philanthropic activities as she’s shaved her head on a number of occasions for charity.

For instance, recently, the Ilford Reporter provided details of Jessie J’s dance tutor and singing teacher from Wenn Stage School, Seven Kings Road, Seven Kings, who taught her until she was 15-years-old. The tutor was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April and needs financial help for an experimental treatment and highly expensive treatment that could prolong her life.

When Jessie J isn't cutting records, she's cutting a check to charities.
In the past, she’s performed at events for causes like cancer awareness and AIDS. Her latest effort is no different, as it appears that Jessie J is putting together a benefit concert to raise money for her tutor’s treatment, outside of her responsibilities on The Voice.

Even so, Jessie J gets her share of gossip, with Inquisitr recently revealing that she’s seen as being too difficult, or rather, too much of a diva to be on the Australian version of The Voice.

It’s already been reported by The Courier that Jessie J and Ronan Keating have butted heads on the show as they — according to Jessie J — have a similar approach to how honest they are about certain things.

Ronan Keating and Jessie J at each other's throats on The Voice?
The brief report, however, only says that Keating thanked Jessie’s managers for being supportive of him, going as far as saying he “loves” them a lot.

“They have looked after me well – they’re the most genuine human beings and I love the two of them.”

As of this writing, it isn’t clear whether the public comment in the heat of the drama is intended to shun the diva or whether he had better words to say.

It’s unclear as to how much of this drama is created to lure viewers to the show. Almost as unclear, is how many of viewers really appreciate it.

For instance The NZ Herald talks about how Jessie J and Delta Goodrem also clashed during the last season of The Voice and what their relationship might be like for the new season, where Keating appears to already be taking the hits.

Whenever Jessie J has responded to these dramatic situations, she’s often revealed how brutally honest she is and how she knows that honesty is what initially creates tension on the show. But, it isn’t tension that lasts, and her go-to response seems to be how similar the people she has conflicts with are to her own personality.

In the previously mentioned Inquisitr article, a judge for The Voice in the U.K. and Culture Club‘s Boy George appears to have made the right decision to stay out of her way, as he showered her with praise by saying how intimidating she was, and would not sing in front of her as he held high praise for her and her singing voice.

Rather than being modest, Jessie J agrees that she has a great singing voice in a genre that is often referred to as Deep Soul.

In 2014, she expressed how in America she is more recognized as a singer than in England, where she’s from.

Since then, she’s moved to Los Angeles, perhaps to receive the appropriate recognition.

Currently, Jessie J has three albums under her belt and has no plans to release a new one anytime soon.

[Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP]