‘Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail’ Is The Most Searched Question On Google About Her

Mohit Priyadarshi - Author

Jun. 26 2016, Updated 6:07 a.m. ET

It appears a lot of Americans want to know the answer to the following question: “Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?”

The Democratic presumptive nominee is currently the subject of two FBI investigations — one for espionage and the other for public corruption — and security and legal experts believe, with varying degrees of confidence, that the parallel investigations may lead to an indictment for her actions.

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Others believe that while an indictment might not actually materialize, damaging leaks from the investigation could hamper her presidential bid at some point later in the fall. Clinton’s political rivals have insinuated that her email probe could still lead to something explosive, and some have appeared keen to bank on the FBI to shed more light on the wide-ranging allegations of espionage and corruption against her.

While Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has generally refused to be drawn in by the speculations surrounding the investigation, the Republican presumptive nominee has called for Clinton to be sent to jail.

As reported by the Inquisitr, recently WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said during an interview that his organization is planning to leak emails from Hillary Clinton’s time as the Secretary of State that had enough evidence for the FBI to push for an indictment.

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However, with the Democratic National Convention just a few weeks away, the FBI still does not appear close to finishing its investigation, which has led to speculations that some damaging revelations pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s case could be made public during the course of the general election, or, in an even worse case, after she becomes President of the United States.

It is a dilemma which certainly seems to be playing on a lot of Americans’ minds — both Democrats and Republicans — who have been looking for a resolution to the case ever since it came to the fore at the beginning of Clinton’s presidential campaign.


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Google Trends, a tool which analyzes the most searched queries relating to a particular topic, is testament to that dilemma. According to NewsMax, an overwhelming number of Google users want to know whether or not Hillary Clinton will end up behind bars as a result of the FBI investigations.

Other questions relating to Clinton which trended on the search engine were related to her party affiliation, poll predictions, and possible reasons that one shouldn’t vote for the Democratic presumptive nominee. The fifth most trending query about Hillary Clinton pertained to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ decision to support her in the general election.

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While Hillary Clinton continues to fare better in the general election match-up against Donald Trump, her performance in large part could be attributed to the Republican presumptive nominee’s own flailing standards. His recent racist remarks about a judge of Hispanic heritage, coupled with his explicit misogynist statements, has seen women voters flocking to Clinton in large numbers.

Even so, Hillary Clinton’s own reputation as a pro-people politician continues to suffer in light of the rising corruption allegations being leveled against the Clinton Foundation, and her well-documented affinity towards Wall Street.

It is little wonder, then, that American voters are grappling with questions of whether one of their presidential candidates could still go to prison.

What do you think: Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?

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