‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Is Torn About Alexis, Nina Gives Advice, And Kiki Stops A Brawl

General Hospital has thrown some surprises into the mix in recent weeks. Port Charles seems to be in complete chaos over the arrest of Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for the murder of Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). That is the major story at the moment, with everything else being written around it. The General Hospital writers have decided to move in several different directions, which has caused an uproar among fans.

Last week General Hospital fans watched as Alexis posted bail. She went home to find Julian (William deVry) drinking and clearly surprised him with her return. As Julian was having a delusional conversation with a dead Carlos, he was trying to figure out how to save Alexis without costing himself anything in the process. Alexis has decided to work with Anna (Finola Hughes) in order to try and get a confession out of Julian. Sonny (Maurice Benard) is also on the case, refusing to let the mother of his daughter pay for something his nemesis clearly did. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers are indicating Julian is considering killing Alexis to keep her quiet about his involvement and allowing himself to remain a free man. It is what a mob boss would do, but his genuine love for her is stopping him. Fans have been disappointed in the way the “Julexis” story line has played out, but it may not end how everyone is expecting it to.

Something is wrong with Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) baby boy, Eduardo. Michael (Chad Duell) noticed it while Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) was checking out Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) at the mansion. While it was unclear what the problem was, Finn insisted the baby get rushed to the hospital. General Hospital writers have a mystery surrounding who has been drugging patients, with it looking more and more like Dr. Finn is the guilty party. That is clearly not the case but his practicing rights have been suspended, and he is no longer allowed to work at the hospital. Instead of obeying what Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) asked of him, he is working to save little Eduardo. General Hospital spoilers indicate she will not be happy with what is going on, and there will be consequences.

Things are getting intense between Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco (Roger Howarth) on General Hospital. Nina (Michelle Stafford) clearly isn’t over him, and she will continue to pursue him through the upcoming week. Some General Hospital fans are on board with “Friz” while others prefer “Nico.” On top of taking control of her own love life, she is coaching Dillon Quartermaine (Robert Palmer Watkins) on how to win over Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). This is going to cause a serious conflict between Dillon and Morgan (Bryan Craig) as the two fight over who will win Kiki’s affection. Because of her established history with Morgan, it will likely be him, but the General Hospital writers have been known to switch things up on fans before.

As the week goes on in Port Charles, the side stories will be touched upon briefly. General Hospital writers have decided to bring back Parker (Ashley Johnson) in the middle of Kristina’s (Lexi Ainsworth) relationship with Aaron (John DeLuca). There has been some speculation that he is up to no good where Sonny is concerned and has used Kristina to get close to him. If that is the case, she totally fell for it, which could cost someone she loves dearly.

Things on General Hospital will be intense this week. Each day will give fans new information on some of the most pressing stories, some of which no one saw coming. Tune into General Hospital each day to make sure you know what is happening in Port Charles.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]