As Harry Styles Signs A Solo Record Contract With Columbia, Sweet New Details Surface About His Childhood

Harry Styles just signed a solo contract with Columbia Records, and the terms are not yet known. As of yet, there is no timeline for the release of Styles’s first solo album, according to Billboard.

Columbia Records is a subsidiary of the Sony Corporation with an incredibly long history of recording some of the greatest music of all times. Founded in 1887, the company dates back to the Victrola era. From Louis Armstrong in 1901, through the days of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, then continuing into the present day with Zayn Malik, Columbia has a rich history. Columbia is also at the top of the music business and has been for 125 years, according to the Columbia timeline.

Harry Styles is going to be very busy as usual, recording his new solo album and also starring in the movie Dunkirk. Between acting and singing, Styles has had little leisure time. He’s hardly been seen since the filming started.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is a World War II-era film, detailing the heroism of British soldiers involved in the famous battle the movie is named for. Styles had to cut his hair for the part and has been working out, according to the Daily Mail. Rumors circulate that he’s looking extra healthy and starting to put on a bit more muscle.

As Harry Styles fans are patiently waiting for the album, the film, and most importantly hoping One Direction might one day reunite, there is some old, but little-known information about that One Direction star, provided to The Mirror by John Cox, who was Styles’s stepfather for about six years from the time Harry was seven.

Harry Styles lived at the Antrobus Arms in Northwich, Cheshire, with his mom, his sister and John Cox, for about five years. Antrobus Arms is a historic British pub. The building has continuously served as a restaurant and pub from 1700 to the present. John Cox shares fond memories of that time with The Mirror.

“Harry loved living in a pub and he was the centre of attention. He was really lively and would run around the pub, with all the customers fussing over him. He used to sit beside me all day, sit at the bar and chat. He is a down to earth kid and always has been. I didn’t really need to tell him off much, he was just a real delight. Brilliant at school too, superb.”

Harry Styles was never neat, though. John Cox recalls that his former step-son had only one fault. He was a messy kid. Neatness didn’t come naturally to him at all, but he would clean up when reminded.

“His only fault was that he was dead untidy. But I’d tell him: ‘Clean up Harry!’ and he’d do it. He was always very polite. He never once said: ‘Look, you’re not my dad’.”

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John Cox says he misses Harry and wishes with all his heart that someday that boy would come around and have a pint with him.

Styles has always been an impressive singer. John Cox’s fondest memory of little Harry was the first time he every sang publicly. He was only 9-years-old at the time. It was karaoke night at The Elms pub in Pickmere, Cheshire.

“I was getting up to sing and he wanted to get up with me, which he did, and that was it. We sang ‘New York, New York’ by Sinatra. That was the first time he sang in front of people, it was Harry Styles’ first ever performance. He sounded very similar to now – he had a deep voice even as a young lad.”

Harry Styles has always had a beautiful voice, and now his talent is recognized around the world.

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