‘Alaskan Bush People’ Might Reveal Matt Brown’s Struggles With Alcohol — And His Departure From Family

It looks like Alaskan Bush People intended to address Matt Brown’s inner demons after all. Radar Online had previously reported Matt’s DUI and rumored struggles with alcoholism. However, it looks as if Alaskan Bush People might be prepared to meet the topic head-on.

Most of “Judgement Day,” the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People, centered on coping with the impending 30-day jail sentences for Billy and Bam Bam Brown. The concerned father even shared his fear of Bam’s temper leading to an incident where a month in prison could be stretched to a longer sentence. And yet despite the focus on the departing Brown family members, there was also a peculiar, out-of-place conversation between Matt and Billy.

It could be blamed on poor editing, as Matt’s mood during that few minutes did not match his mood for the rest of the episode. But after viewing the preview for next week, it became apparent why that conversation was shown: Alaskan Bush People seemed to be laying the groundwork for Matt to admit to his problem with alcoholism on-camera for the very first time.

The reveal would be huge for Alaskan Bush People for a couple of reasons. First, it will bring clarity to rumors surrounding Matt, giving him a chance to share exactly what’s happening from his own point of view. Second, because it would be occurring on-camera late in the season, this story line likely would be referenced in future episodes of the show.

When combined with a planned meeting (or confrontation) between mother Ami and her estranged family, the Matt situation could allow Alaskan Bush People to piece together enough drama to make another season of the show plausible. It may also give the series somewhere to go that doesn’t involve an (alleged) fake boating accident.

There’s another reason this admission could work to the series’ advantage. Alaskan Bush People is still struggling with accusations of being fake. That and accusations of the Browns regularly abandoning Browntown. I’d stated in the Browntown article that Matt’s rehab woes might explain why his family chose to be so far away from their wilderness home.

“If you’ve been following Alaskan Bush People news, you’ll recall an alleged recent shakeup. Specifically, the rumors that eldest son Matt Brown is currently in rehab.”

Starpulse claimed Matt entered rehab to deal with an ongoing drinking problem. As the Browns don’t like to be too far apart from one another, it’s possible the entire “Wolf Pack” relocated to the capital to support him. As the road to recovery can be a tough one, someone in Brown’s alleged position would benefit from familial support.”

With so many people jumping to conclusions, the producers might feel that now is the time for Alaskan Bush People to hit audiences with the truth of Matt’s situation and why the family is no longer content to stay in Browntown. It could very well be a situation where they want to all be together and support a family member’s struggle. His need for support would logically outweigh a desire for the Browns to head back to the bush — even with the month of electronic monitoring behind Billy and Bam Bam.

Of course, the downside for Alaskan Bush People as a reality TV show is that its popularity may have already waned beyond repair. Ratings are way down compared to last season, and these new scandals don’t necessarily bring the promise of an expanded audience of curious onlookers.

Still, that’s nothing when compared to the possibility that if Matt Brown really is struggling with alcoholism, he’s admitted to it and is seeking professional help. Regardless of how one feels about Alaskan Bush People, that’s always welcome news. Hopefully, whatever Matt Brown’s struggles are, he’ll be able to get the help and inner peace that he’s seeking.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People is about to address Matt’s alleged drinking problems or is there something else about to happen? Please share your thoughts below!

[Image via the Discovery Channel]