WWE News: Big Update On Why WWE Has Not Brought Bayley Up From WWE NXT Yet

WWE NXT Superstar Bayley has managed to make her name known quite well since she arrived to the NXT brand. She was finally able to win the NXT Women’s Championship last year off of Sasha Banks. Before she did so, three of the Four Horsewomen of NXT went to the main roster, leaving Bayley behind to lead the brand as the top female. She has done an amazing job with the honor; but, everyone knows that the moment she arrives to the main roster that she could very well be one of the greatest to ever step foot in the WWE.

Her character is so good, and Bayley is genuinely such a good person that fans of all ages and genders like her. Men like her not only for her beauty but her ability to work well in the ring. On top of that, she has shown to have good mic work as well. The women like her due to the obvious good she does, and the fact that she comes off as somewhat of a female superhero that empowers people. Just look at the little girls who see Bayley and look up to her to see the love she has with the female community.

All of this being said, she is fantastic. However, that may be a problem in some ways. According to The Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, a big reason for keeping Bayley down on the NXT roster is because the company thinks she might take focus away from Sasha Banks and Charlotte as they head into their rivalry. He claims that if they book Bayley vs. Asuka for the upcoming NXT tapings, she’ll come up. If they do not, then they’ll keep Bayley down on NXT for a while longer.

Sasha Bayley
WWE gave us an amazing match set-up with Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. It seemed obvious that WWE was going to give us the match at WWE NXT: Brooklyn the night before WWE SummerSlam in August. However, they’re going to do it on a random NXT taping instead. This happens to be right before the WWE Draft, and Balor could very well debut on the main roster soon after the match with Nakamura airs.

When it comes to Bayley, she is supposed to face Asuka for her contractually obligated rematch for the NXT Women’s Title. It seemed that they were going to be set for Brooklyn as well, but with the draft upcoming, WWE is set to raid the NXT roster and take quite a few up. Bayley and Finn Balor were the two obvious to be seen, but unlike Balor, there is an issue for Bayley.

WWE may be right in their fear. If Bayley does come up soon, fans will only care about her and not Sasha and Charlotte despite their match being highly anticipated. She attracts love from fans with ease and it is quite obvious that her debut will be huge no matter when she ends up debuting. What she has been able to do with NXT has transcended the WWE in many ways.

Bayley Asuka
Fans cannot help but love her and what she does. It’s not just the NXT crowd, either, as you’ll hear her get earth shattering cheers no matter where she goes. In London, they were able to start a chant of “hey, Bayley, I wanna know will you be my girl?” playing off of the DJ Otzi song. The chant made its way to America and everyone has been chanting it since. It was even chanted the night after WrestleMania 32 on WWE RAW during the female Superstar segment, which saw the “official” crowning of Charlotte as WWE Women’s Champion. Fans expected to see her then, but were disappointed when WWE didn’t debut either her or Finn Balor.

It seems obvious that Bayley has to debut at some point, but if they hold off due to Sasha and Charlotte it would make sense. However, fans are getting a bit annoyed at the constant hold on her main roster debut. They want to see her on the main roster sooner rather than later, but we’ll have to wait and see if they pull that trigger soon.

[Image via WWE]