Prince Harry Finally Ready To Fall In Love, Yet ‘Massive Paranoia’ Gets In His Way

The royal watchers have been waiting with anticipation for the royal bachelor Prince Harry to come of age and finally be ready to fall in love. After a number of relationships followed by a long spell of being single and enjoying the party scene for a time, Harry has finally reportedly admitted that he’s ready for love.

The Daily Telegraph reports about the young Prince’s confession, which he made in a series of interviews.

“The 31-year-old British royal renowned for his wild partying and links to some of the world’s most beautiful and privileged women bared his soul — and for once it wasn’t by way of asking forgiveness for his public misdeeds.”

One particular interview given by the Prince was a heartfelt revelation and involved his honest wishes for his future as well as for the work he does for the underprivileged. During his trip to Florida for the Invictus Games, he stated that he intends to work on earning more respect by involving himself in good causes and presenting himself in a better light.

“I need to earn more respect from a lot more people, of course I do,”

The Prince was then truthful and opened up about the void that was left when his mother died so tragically. He shared about how he’s struggled with the privileged life and the moments he felt in his darkest hours, Additionally Harry revealed why he feels that he is not “every girl’s dream,” like so many would insist he is.

However, as hard as Harry tries to shrug off the “eligible bachelor” label, his honest confessions only make him even more appealing, regardless of his intent. As the publication reminds, “his cheeky grin, wealth and clean-cut good looks,” don’t hurt either.

From the time he was 17, Harry was a regular in the headlines for partying, smoking joints, and clashing with paparazzi. And no one can ever forget Harry’s antics in Las Vegas, when he paraded around a hotel room, naked, with female accompaniment.

Finally, in 2013, Harry signed on for duty and attempted to redeem himself in the public eye. It was the beginning of the Harry the world sees today. A royal insider shares as to who the true Harry is, a Harry the world rarely gets the chance to be witness to.

“He is very sensitive and actually quite shy but passionate about the causes he pursues. He’s just not given the credit he deserves on many things because they’re not the sort of headline-grabbing things.”

Now that Harry has redeemed his image and seems on the lookout for love, it is perhaps the time for the Prince to find his mate. However, royal expert Ingrid Seward shares that it’s much easier said than done.

“Probably the sort of girl that wants Harry is not the sort of girl Harry wants. He just hasn’t met the right girl. He was very keen on Chelsy and very keen on Cressida but they couldn’t cope with the baggage. Girls of that age just can’t stand it, (being) photographed because you’re going out with Harry. I know Cressie very well and with social media, you have no freedom at all, just walking down the street and people taking out their phones and photographing you and talking about your clothes and hair … I saw that with (Lady) Diana and that was before social media.”

In addition to the difficulty for the ladies in Harry’s life over the years, Harry himself has even stated that he has “massive paranoia” about even engaging with a girl due to the worry that the press will link them romantically. One interaction that had the rumor mill churning involved Ellie Goulding, due to a friendly peck between the two at a polo match, as Vanity Fair reported.

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