Donald Trump Greeted In Scotland With ‘Nazi Balls’ At Press Conference [Video]

GOP candidate and presidential hopeful Donald Trump was not laughing after the prank comedian Lee Nelson pulled during his speech at the re-opening of the billionaire’s golf resort. Just as Trump was about to take the podium, the prankster interrupted the Republican presumptive nominee and began to hand out golf balls to the crowd.

The golf balls, however, had been painted red, with a white circle which encapsulated a black swastika — or, in other words, “Nazi balls.”

Trump immediately began imploring his security guards to “get him out” as Nelson began to speak to the gathered members of the press. Nelson, who was reportedly wearing a Turnberry uniform, played his prank flawlessly, telling the press that the new Nazi balls were part of the Trump Turnberry line.

“The new balls are available from the clubhouse as part of a new Trump Turnberry range.

“I forgot to hand them out before, I’m very sorry Mr Trump, and thank you, I apologize.”

According to the Journal, Nelson scattered the Nazi balls about the grass in front of the podium before he was escorted away. Trump then continued with his speech at the ninth hole of the golf course, where the press conference was being held, while the grass before him was littered with the red balls with the glaring swastikas painted on them.

It took Trump campaign operatives about 10 minutes before they decided that having their candidate give a speech while surrounded by Nazi balls may not reflect well on his image and began clearing them up — by scooping them into a few of Trump’s own branded baseball caps.

Nelson later tweeted out a video of his staged stunt.

Trump, whose mother comes from Scotland, has long since courted the nation, but Scots have little taste for Trump, who built his golf course on protected land that included sand dunes. The decision to allow Trump to build his resort was a controversy. According to the Atlantic, Trump eventually won approval for his resort once officials decided that the projected “economic benefit outweighed the environmental degradation.” Trump, however, has failed to live up to his promise that the resort would employ 1,200 people. Current employee counts, in fact, range from a measly 95, with many being seasonal, to 150 — far short of the 1,200 jobs initially promised.

“It’s hard to think of a less sympathetic character in the eyes of most Scots. Despite all his tartanry and trumpeting of heritage, The Donald is almost the anti-Scot personified,” wrote Lesley Riddoch. “Left and right, unionist and nationalist, man and woman, young and old—it takes quite a lot to unite the people of this notoriously fractious little country in a collective shudder.”

Trump has then since lost his status as an honorary ambassador for Scottish business and been stripped of an honorary degree from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Trump is in Scotland for the opening of his golf resort.

Today, Trump further alienated Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union in the Brexit vote, with a tweet implying that the Scots were celebrating the Brexit decision.

English singer-songwriter Lily Allen quickly let Trump know that he was out-of-touch.

Trump has been enthusiastic in Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, known as Brexit, stating that the UK had “declared their independence from the European Union,” and that come November, “the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence,” as well.

[Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]