Louis Tomlinson And Danielle Campbell: Speak Her Name And She Shall Appear

Louis Tomlinson and Originals actress Danielle Campbell have reportedly been dating since November of 2015. One Direction star Louis and Campbell are said to have hooked up shortly after Tomlinson and One Direction finished their last world tour. There can be little doubt that Louis and Danielle have spawned many thousands of tabloid column inches over the last eight-months, and it certainly seems that Campbell pops up when she is least expected.

Earlier this week it was reported in The Inquisitr that Campbell and Tomlinson had not been seen together for some time. This was something that seemed odd in light of the fact that some sections of the media, especially the Daily Mail, have been reduced to running stories about Tomlinson’s coffee drinking habits. For months, we have been regaled with suggestions that Tomlinson and Campbell are madly in love and even that they are considering marriage. The Inquisitr also reflected on the fact that Louis is often pictured entering and leaving L.A. nightclubs, and those stories too have dropped off the radar.

Just days after those stories disappeared, as if by magic they have reappeared. The Daily Mail reports that Louis and Danielle have been photographed drinking and smoking outside of the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood. Of course the Daily Mail still showed their fascination with Louis’ coffee drinking and reported that Tomlinson had been seen making a barefoot visit to Starbucks earlier in the day.

With One Direction currently enjoying an extended hiatus, it seems that the media are desperate for any story about Tomlinson and his bandmates. Unreality TV reports that Campbell may have experienced a tinge of jealousy when Louis was pictured with a group of beautiful young women. Sadly, they claim that Louis “does not have a great track record when it comes to fidelity,” as they suggest that Danielle has good reason to be worried. It is sad to see these suggestions, because 24-year-old Louis was spending a little time with a “girl-group” that he has signed to his fledgling record label.

In other Louis Tomlinson news, it was widely reported earlier this year that he was set to hook up with Simon Cowell as a judge on the ailing X-Factor. Fans do not need to be reminded that Louis and One Direction got their big break on the 2010 season of Cowell’s show. Many speculated that Tomlinson was seen as the perfect person to breathe new life into the show.

Many One Direction fans are not exactly fond of Cowell so they were pleased when the lineup of X-Factor judges was announced and Louis was not among them. Many fans are desperate to see Tomlinson follow Harry Styles example in distancing himself from One Direction’s management team. Sadly for those fans, it seems that Louis may be set to appear on one of Cowell’s shows after all.

Billboard claim that Louis is set to join Cowell’s America’s Got Talent as a guest judge. Apparently, Tomlinson will join country superstar Reba McEntire, R&B singer Ne-Yo, and comedian George Lopez for the guest judging panel on the show next month. Given the apparent closeness of their relationship, it would seem that Tomlinson is likely to act as Cowell’s “right hand man.” Whilst One Direction fans will be delighted to see Tomlinson on TV, many will be wishing that it was not alongside Cowell.

As time has passed Tomlinson has become almost as well known for his charitable endeavours as for his singing. Louis is a patron of many charities and is generous with both his time and his cash. Tomlinson and his bandmates have a powerful social media presence; they have around 200 million followers across the various platforms. Louis in particular frequently uses the power of social media to promote charitable causes that are close to his heart.

The Daily Post reports that Tomlinson has used his media profile to raise awareness of a fund-raising campaign in support of little Georgia Edwards. The five-year-old from Wrexham suffers from Rett Syndrome, and her parents are trying to raise cash for the vital equipment needed to improve Georgia’s quality of life.

Little Georgia and her family met Louis last year after a social media campaign was spotted by Tomlinson’s mother Johanna Deakin. By showing his continued support for Georgia, Louis has shown once again that he has a heart of gold and that he does not forget his friends.

[Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images]