June 29, 2017
Tornado In China Tears Through Homes, Schools, Kills Nearly A Hundred [Breaking]

A tornado in China has left a wake of death and destruction on Thursday (June 23). The population of China is known to be among the highest in the world, almost rivaling India, and with so many living in the path of such a devastating storm, the death count could soar even higher than the current 78 fatalities. Hundreds more have been injured in the raging winds and storms rarely seen in that part of the world.

According to reports, a factory was completely destroyed as a result of the tornado, leaving several wounded and dead in the carnage.

Heartbreaking photos of children covered in the blood from a destroyed school only add to the horrors of the ongoing devastation in the eastern province of Jiangsu. Families are urged to stay indoors during this raging force of nature, according to China Central Television News (CCTV). The death toll could almost certainly rise as the storm is expected to continue for another six hours.

It's unknown how effective it will be to stay indoors considering the lethal tornado in China has already obliterated a three-story factory.

This is no consolation for the families and friends lost to this deadly tornado in China, which has already devastated Jiangsu. The tornado is being accompanied by hailstorms and lightning, adding to the visual terror already gripping the nation.

The Chinese government is already responding to the hundreds injured, sending disaster relief efforts along with 1,000 tents, 2,000 folding beds and ten sets of floodlights, as well as other emergency supplies.

CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller has stated that tornadoes in China are extremely rare, with maybe 10 happening every year, but such weather patterns tend to be unpredictable at best. The lack of warning systems adds to the potential disaster when they strike, and this particular occurrence is one of the deadliest in recent history for the nation of China.

If they're lucky, the tornado in the Jiangsu province of China will ease up and let the population recover what they have left, and repairs can get underway for buildings, as well as care for the hundreds injured.


[Image via welcomia/Shutterstock.com]