Thomas Ravenel On Where Things Stand With Kathryn Dennis And Landon Clements Sexual Relationship

"Southern Charm" star Kathryn Dennis

The Southern Charm Season 3 finale episode showed Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, once again, in a very heated argument. This time, Kathryn accused Thomas of having slept with co-star Landon Clements and denying it.

However, the dramatic finale episode isn’t the only thing viewers have been talking about lately. It was reported about two weeks ago that Thomas was awarded joint custody of his and Kathryn’s two young children after he passed his drug test but Kathryn failed hers. While he was granted unsupervised joint custody, Kathryn was given supervised joint custody. In an interview with Quintin Washington of Quintin’s Close-Ups, posted on Wednesday, Thomas talked about where things stand now with Kathryn. He also talked about Kathryn’s accusation that he had a sexual relationship with Landon.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the current joint custody arrangement is to be in place until at least early next week, when Thomas and Kathryn will go back to court.

During the interview, Thomas confirmed that Kathryn didn’t pass her drug test. He expressed regret that the court records were not sealed. Thomas said that the judge made the decision to not seal the records because, in her reasoning, he and Kathryn had already harmed their children by showing them on the reality show, so they don’t need to be protected from the further harm that may come from the public knowing their parents’ drug test results. Thomas made clear that he doesn’t agree with the judge’s decision.

Thomas also claimed that he has offered Kathryn more than enough financial support, but he and his lawyer have never received any kind of response or counter-proposal from Kathryn and her lawyer. As for where things stand now, the only thing Thomas is clear about is that they’re not speaking to one another.

“We have a very combustible relationship. I really absolutely want the best for her, she’s the mother of my children. Me and her have no ill will….Right now…we’re not talking and unless there’s an emergency, you know, with the kids, I write her an e-mail or text her. We’ve made agreements not to talk to one another so I’m not sure where we are. I thought we had an agreement, then we had no agreement. Are we going to court or are we not going to court? I’m just not sure where things stand right now.”

As for Kathryn Dennis’ accusation that he slept with Landon Clements, an accusation that came to a head on the Southern Charm Season 3 finale episode that aired on Monday night, Thomas Ravenel maintained that he has never done anything sexual with Landon and that they’re just friends. He did say, however, that Landon played a part in throwing the idea out there that they’re more than friends and suggested that Kathryn is playing along.

“With me and Landon. She and I are friends. Absolutely nothing. ‘Oh he’s sleeping with Landon!’ I mean, no. We’re just merely friends. I did run into her in London and we took a couple of pictures and we posted them and it was her idea, you know, to create a stir [with viewers] but it really created a stir with Kathryn. She may just be rolling with it…in order to get air time, create a big argument…you wanna get the ratings up. Everyone wants to maintain their jobs.”

During the interview, Thomas also revealed some interesting tidbits on how the show started. He said that a friend introduced him to Whitney Sudler-Smith, who had an idea for a show that focused on Charleston and its residents. Whitney was originally just going to be an executive producer. However, once the production company and Bravo took over the show, they told Whitney that he was going to appear on the show, with no editorial control over the show, and that his mother, Patricia Altschul, also had to appear on the show. Thomas also revealed that several of the people who originally signed up for the show backed out due to family pressure and that producers repeatedly tried to get one of his sisters to join the show.

The fact that Whitney’s original plan for Southern Charm derailed may explain why he sometimes seems reluctant to film and is especially hostile towards Kathryn, whose story line with Thomas is arguably now the show’s main focus. During Whitney’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live with co-stars Landon Clements and Cameran Eubanks, he said that he and the others want nothing to do with Kathryn anymore.

Thomas also talked about how the show’s producers purposefully drum up the drama. Regarding the scene when he climbed out the window after he and Kathryn got into a fight about Landon being invited to his dinner party, Thomas said that he was told that Kathryn had already looked at the list of invitees. That, as viewers saw, turned out not to be the case. Kathryn, upon being told by Thomas that he wanted to invite Landon, strongly objected, which then led to their fight. Thomas said that he climbed out the window not so much because he was mad at Kathryn but because he was mad at production.

As for the explosive dinner party, Thomas Ravenel said that it was the producers who suggested that he do a “words of wisdom” toast like how he did during the first season. The producers certainly got their drama, as Thomas proceeded to insult his co-stars, including Landon Clements, so much and go after them with such fury that they fled his home in a golf cart. Kathryn Dennis, who stayed behind, applauded Thomas for telling Landon off. Yet, Thomas did admit that because he gets paid so much for being on the show, he does sometimes act in a way to drum up excitement and increase ratings for Southern Charm.

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