Kathryn Dennis Calls Cameran Eubanks, Landon Clements, And Whitney Sudler-Smith ‘3 Biggest Liars,’ Patricia Altschul Accuses Kathryn Of Having Drug-Fueled Rages That Necessitated Security

Was Kathryn Dennis so volatile during the filming of Southern Charm Season 3 that security guards had to be hired to make sure that things didn’t get too out of control? That’s what Patricia Altschul is claiming. In the past few days, Patricia, the mother of main cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith and a frequent guest on the show, has posted tweets that accuse Kathryn of being a loose canon. In one tweet, Patricia even accused Kathryn of having drug-fueled rages. Kathryn, meanwhile, lashed out at Patricia’s son, Cameran Eubanks, and Landon Clements after watching them talk about her on Watch What Happens Live.

On Friday, in response to a tweet that bashed Cameran and Landon for not wanting anything to do with Kathryn, Patricia wrote that it’s actually Kathryn’s “drug-fueled rages” that the cast members couldn’t take.

On Saturday, a viewer tweeted that it’s obvious that something wasn’t right with Kathryn and that Patricia wouldn’t have been so adamant about not wanting to be around her without cause. Patricia replied that viewers can’t imagine what went on that didn’t make it on the show. Patricia claimed that things got so bad that there had to be security towards the end of filming.

Viewers may see the issues of Kathryn’s supposed drug-fueled rages and the need for security because of it come up at the Season 3 reunion show. When another viewer asked Patricia if what she’s claiming will be discussed at the reunion show, Patricia said that it might. She added that the reunion show will be filmed in a few days. She did not reveal whether she will join her son on the reunion show.

The question of whether Kathryn Dennis uses drugs will very likely become a topic of discussion at the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion show in light of the recent development in the child custody fight between her and Thomas Ravenel. On Monday, All About The Tea reported that Thomas has been granted joint custody of their two children, daughter Kensie and son St. Julien. In his interview with the website, Thomas revealed that he was granted unsupervised joint custody while Kathryn got supervised joint custody. Thomas agreed that Kathryn’s parents can supervise her time with the children.

Why is Kathryn only allowed to be with her children under the supervision of her parents? It may have to do with drugs. According to the website and a confirmation by Thomas, Kathryn failed a drug test. While Thomas’ drug test came back clean, Kathryn’s came back positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Thomas explained that the joint custody arrangement, one week with him then one week with Kathryn, will remain in place until at least June 27 when they will return to court for mediation. The judge may at that time finalize the joint custody agreement.

The latest Southern Charm episode certainly gave viewers a lot to talk about. First, Thomas and Kathryn got into a heated argument over him wanting to invite Landon Clements to a dinner party he was throwing. When Kathryn objected to Landon’s presence, she and Thomas started arguing, which then led to Thomas climbing out of the bedroom window.

Once at the dinner party, Landon probably wished that she was left off the guest list. That’s because Thomas, for some inexplicable reason, began berating his co-stars during his toast. He, in particular, lashed out at Landon for her treatment of Kathryn. While K. Cooper Ray tried to calm him down, Thomas remained undeterred in his determination to unleash an expletive-filled rant against his co-stars. Thomas slurred that he was just defending the mother of his children. The situation got so bad that most everyone ended up fleeing the dinner party in a golf cart as Thomas continued screaming expletives at them.

Whitney Sudler-Smith and Patricia Altschul didn’t actually attend the dinner party since Thomas didn’t invite them, given the animosity between them and Kathryn. Patricia tweeted that she and Whitney understood Thomas’ decision.

While Kathryn got to see Landon get ripped to pieces by Thomas Ravenel at the dinner party, she claims that she didn’t particularly find the evening that enjoyable. Kathryn tweeted that she didn’t find the dinner party funny.

Kathryn Dennis also posted tweets in response to Cameran Eubanks, Landon Clements, and Whitney Sudler-Smith’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live talk show on Monday night after Southern Charm. Kathryn called them the three biggest liars.

Kathryn accused Cameran, Landon, and Whitney of committing slander and doing all they can to get her off the show.

Kathryn also accused Landon of hooking up with Thomas.

Thomas was also the target of Kathryn’s tweets. Kathryn tweeted that he, along with Landon, are “******* crazy.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathryn recently accused Thomas of doing drugs while hanging out with a porn star.

Considering Kathryn Dennis’ current bad relationship with Thomas Ravenel and most of her co-stars, it seems that the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion show will be even more explosive than last season’s.

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