Luke Hemmings Ditches Girlfriend Arzaylea For New Mystery Blonde In Los Angeles

Jenny Cox - Author

Jun. 23 2016, Updated 6:19 a.m. ET

Luke Hemmings was just in Australia hugging koalas with his girlfriend, Arzaylea. So, it was a surprise when he emerged in Los Angeles this week with a new mystery blonde by his side. Did something go poorly in Sydney, or is this a harmless friendship?

“5 Seconds Of Summer recently wrapped up their European tour,” reports the Daily Mail. “And band lead guitarist, Luke Hemmings, took time out on Tuesday to unwind with a mystery blonde in Hollywood. The 19-year-old musician stepped out looking suave while making his way to celebrity hot spot The Nice Guy in West Hollywood.”

The Nice Guy is definitely a spot to go chill, especially with one’s girlfriend. While the press is trying to figure out who this mystery blonde is, Luke seems unfazed, uploading innocent selfies from the back of a Lyft.

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Just a week ago, Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings had a great time in Australia after he wrapped up some of the 5 Seconds of Summer concerts in Europe. According to their Instagram, they visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, taking the chance to hug koalas close to them as they spend beautiful autumn day in the zoo.

Check out the corresponding picture that Arzaylea uploaded on her Instagram!

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Looks like they used each other as a photographer as they snuggled with their cuddly companions.

But something might have gone awry towards the end of their trip with Luke Hemmings stepping out with a new girl to go to The Nice Guys. While this also may be his friend, it’s very rare that Luke also appears with just “friends,” who are not part of 5 Seconds of Summer, by his side.

Before Australia, 5 Seconds of Summer singer and his girlfriend were having a fine time in Europe as well, with her choosing to visit him in cities like Barcelona and Paris. This caused an uproar in 5 Seconds of Summer fan community, sparking another round of hatred for his girlfriend. Hollywood Take has quoted some of the fans’ reaction towards Luke having invited Arzaylea over in Barcelona in its article. Some of them read, “Arzaylea is in Barcelona wtf, why did he had to bring her here?” and “ugh why is arzaylea with 5sos on barcelona, she went home for like a week.”

Their relationship definitely has been one of trial and tribulation as they try to make peace with his fans that seem very protective of him.

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“[Luke’s fans] want me to be this really horrible person,” Arzaylea said in an interview with Vice. “But I’m not. I’m just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal.”

I think all of it is kind of a game,” she added. “And when people take a game too seriously, it turns into something way more than it needs to be.

He also has stood up for her, showing that he will not break up with someone just because his fans want him to.

“[T]he 5SOS frontman has made it abundantly clear that he’s tired of the negativity surrounding his relationship, allegedly messaging a fan and telling her to knock off the hate and later tweeting about how ‘people need to relax,’ ” reports Bustle. “Simply put: Luke Hemmings is tired of fans hating on his relationship with Arzaylea, and he is speaking out about it.”

This action probably inspired his girlfriend to write this endearing post on Instagram, basically proclaiming her love for the 5 Seconds of Summer singer.

Do you think Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are in it for the long haul? Let me know in the comments below!

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]


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