Disneyland UFO: Video Of Black Ring Anomaly Ignites ‘Alien Portal’ Theories

A video has surfaced that depicts what has been described as a black ring-shaped UFO hovering over the Magic Castle at Disneyland in California. Although it has been pointed out that the circular anomaly is likely the product of a natural occurrence, the videographer himself labeled it as a precursor to an “alien portal.”

The Daily Mail reported June 18 that in a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyle Hawkins, he posted a description of the UFO sighting scene and described his fellow Disneyland visitors as looking up in confusion and fear at the black ring in the sky. He noted that it was “windy” and subsequently dismissed the idea that the phenomenon was a smoke ring. In fact, not only can people be heard in the video exclaiming over the UFO, sounding shocked and disbelieving, Hawkins’ own thoughts veered toward something other-worldly.

“Everyone watched it in fear/confusion. I half expected an alien portal to open up through this ring as we were gazing up in disbelief…The strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”


The video, which is a mere 48 seconds long, shows the black ring UFO gliding through the sky. A female voice can be heard asking, “What is it?” The question is followed by a male voice, saying, “I don’t know, but everybody’s avoiding it.”

The video has been picked up by UFO enthusiasts as well. Scott C. Waring, who operates the website “UFO Sightings Daily,” posted his thoughts, noting that “Ring UFOs are super rare.” Placing the latest footage at Disneyland, he adds that its presence is enough to cause “a family to worry about an alien invasion.” But Waring also posited that it was possible that the phenomenon was caused by a Disneyland ride and could actually be a smoke ring.

This is not the first time a black ring UFO has been sighted, of course. There have been more than a few. In fact, it isn’t even the first time a black ring has appeared above a major amusement park and caused an internet sensation.

Back in June 2009, a black ring was spotted hovering over King’s Dominion amusement park in Doswell, Virginia, just over 25 miles north of Richmond. Moving in and out of the clouds, the anomaly was caught on video by Ryan Knowles and posted to YouTube. According to WWBT in Richmond, the video became a national sensation.

However, although many were pointing at the black ring as a possible UFO, the object was explained away as a smoke ring. John Pagel, marketing manager for Kings Dominion, insisted the object was not of alien origin.

“It’s been pretty phenomenal with what we think is a basic appearance we see all the time. We are not denying the existence of any ET life existence outside of our universe, but this specific instant is a smoke ring from our volcano.”

NBC News explained last year that the black ring UFOs were not actual UFOs but something far more mundane. Not surprisingly, they were the go-to alternate explanation for the phenomena — a generated smoke ring. When a video of one of the bizarre black rings was posted to the internet after being spotted floating above Shortandy, Kazakhstan, NBC News listed a number of like sightings made around the world, then provided an explanation as to how the smoke rings are created. Called “smoke vortices,” the black rings are produced by blasting dark smoke through a circular structure.


Like the volcano at King’s Dominion. Like the World Of Color Celebrate show at Disneyland (as suggested by Hawkins’ black ring UFO video commenter Tj Samson).

So an alien portal the Disneyland UFO is not, and, to be accurate, it isn’t even fair to call the black rings UFOs anymore given the exposure that the smoke rings have gotten over the last few years.

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