No shoes, no service rule gets barefoot baby booted from Burger King (VIDEO)

Two women with a 6 month old baby tried to order food at a Burger King restaurant but when the manager saw the baby was barefoot, he asked them to leave citing health concerns.

Six month old Kaylie Frederich was in her grandmother’s arms as they approached the counter at Burger King in Sunset Hills, MO. The store manager happened to be standing near the cash register where they were about to place their order with the server and saw the baby had bare feet. The manager told the women they could order the food to go, but they couldn’t sit at the restaurant because of health regulations.

The two women put socks on the baby’s feet but that still wasn’t enough. When the women insisted that the rule shouldn’t apply to infant babies who couldn’t even walk and whose feet would never touch the floor during their visit, the manager threatened to call police. The family left the Burger King, and went straight to CNN with their story. Watch the video below: