Kate Middleton Pregnant? Third Royal Baby Could Be Announced Very Soon

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with her third child?

Despite ongoing reports that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting another baby, Kensington Palace has maintained that there isn’t any royal baby news to share. According to Hollywood Take, Kate Middleton and Prince William want at least three children and would like to have all three be close in age.

Since Kate Middleton became pregnant with Princess Charlotte just after Prince George turned 1, fans of the royal family believe that she will become pregnant with her third child very soon, as it has been about six weeks since Princess Charlotte’s first birthday.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, welcoming baby number three with two toddlers at home might be a little more challenging for the Duchess.

Kate Middleton pregnant
Kate Middleton with Prince George and Princess Charlotte [Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]

Kate Middleton has help and support at home, but she also is very hands-on and her two kids keep her quite busy. Getting pregnant again while Charlotte is just starting to get around might not be on Duchess Kate’s dream board.

“However, getting pregnant with baby No. 2 is much easier than baby No. 3 — and not because of how the human body works. Duchess Kate gets very sick when she’s pregnant; she suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically severe morning sickness. While the symptoms have only lasted for Kate’s first trimester, the condition has her nearly bed-ridden. She gets very sick and barely has enough energy to care for herself, let alone an energetic [pair of toddlers].”

Kate Middleton will more than likely be getting pregnant again in the coming months if she and Prince William are still hoping to have three children. According to Hollywood Take, Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has also said that his niece wants to have another baby, expanding her royal brood. Another source said that Kate would like to conceive her third child before her 35th birthday, which is in January.

A pregnant Kate Middleton would overjoy most of the world. Many people are simply fascinated by the royal family and love to share in the joy that Kate and her husband, William, experience. Whenever there is royal baby news, people really get into it. It’s all so very exciting for so many people around the globe!

Each time that Kate Middleton has gone to the hospital to give birth, well-wishers have lined the streets, waiting to get the very first glimpse of the new royal baby. The same thing will undoubtedly happen if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a third child together.

Kate Middleton pregnant
Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte [Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]

The tabloids haven’t stopped churning out stories about Kate Middleton being pregnant, but they have gone above and beyond what most people are willing to believe. Kate has been “pregnant with twins” at least three times over the past two years, for example. Nothing has come out of those rumors, however, aside from even more rumors.

While it does seem obvious that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will try to have a third child, confirmation will only come from Kensington Palace. Stories put forth by online magazines cannot be trusted until there is official word on the baby news.

Do you think Kate Middleton will be pregnant again soon? Do you think that she and Prince William will have more than three children?

[Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]