Mysterious Triangle UFO Emitted Sounds Similar To Horns And Trumpets, Like A ‘Harmonic Orchestra’ Playing [Video]

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Jun. 29 2016, Updated 7:33 a.m. ET

A witness in Davis, California, reports seeing and filming a mysterious triangle UFO that slowly drifted across the night sky, emitting a sound similar to the noise of horns and trumpets, like a “harmonic orchestra” playing.

According to the witness in a report filed as Case 43950 in the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) database, the UFO sighting occurred at about 1:43 a.m. on October 2, 2012.

He reported the sighting to MUFON on November 16, 2012, according to Open Minds-TV.

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The witness had noticed on a number of nights before the UFO sighting that his dog appeared anxious at about 2 a.m. and wanted to go outside. The dog showed the same pattern of behavior a few days before the sighting, and the witness took her outside. When they were outside, he heard a loud, strange sound like horns and trumpets playing. The sound was so loud that he recalled wondering why his neighbors had not woken up due to the noise.

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“I remember hearing a loud sound, of what seemed like horns, or trumpets from all around,” he told MUFON. “I remember it being very early in the morning, maybe near two a.m., and thinking, why isn’t anyone else waking to this sound.”

On the night of October 2, the dog began behaving strangely once again at about 1:43 a.m. She showed signs of anxiety, agitation, and other behavior that suggested she wanted to go outside. He guessed it was the mysterious noise or anticipation of the noise that was agitating the animal, so he took her outside.

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“My dog was kind of acting up, and she had done so a few nights before. She seemed anxious, and seemed to want me to take her out.”

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After he went outside with the dog at about 1:43 a.m., he heard the noise all around once again, like horns and trumpets playing, but it sounded more muted than on previous occasions. He compared the quality of the muted sound to the sound of the ocean in a seashell.

He looked around and over the horizon for the source of the noise but did not see anything unusual.

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But when he looked up directly overhead, he noticed for the first time three lights arranged in a triangle shape. There were also lights that moved erratically between the three lights that marked the corners of the triangle formation.

“[I] noticed [overhead] what appeared to be a triangle of lights, with what appeared to be randomly moving lights running between each of the triangle points,” he wrote in the report submitted to MUFON.

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Although he could only see lights clearly in the night, he could discern that there was a very large solid object in the sky, a UFO, to which the lights were attached because the spaces between the lights were noticeably darker than the night sky in the background and formed a triangle shape.

“It was very large, and all I could really see were the lights, and definitive darker, more shadowed area within the confines of the lights on the corners,” he wrote.

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“The colored lights were in a random pattern and appeared to be ‘jumping around.'”

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He watched the mysterious triangle UFO move away from a position directly overhead. It glided slowly across the sky and stopped when it reached a point on the horizon.

“It continued to move away from me in a Southern direction, and reached a point on the horizon where is seemed to remain still,” the witness wrote.

He was able to film the UFO on his cell phone for about 30 seconds as it drifted slowly towards the horizon. He was forced to stop filming when his phone battery died about the time the UFO reached the horizon.

He continued watching the UFO after his phone battery had died.

After watching the UFO hover over a spot on the horizon for a few minutes, he went indoors to charge his phone. But when he returned to continue filming minutes later, the UFO had disappeared.

He told MUFON that he lived close to an airport and was familiar with normal air traffic.

“I am very close to a small airport, but the planes that fly in, both day and night are distinctly different than what I heard or saw on the 2 October,” he said.

MUFON reports that the case was investigated by a representative of the organization in California. The investigator was unable to identify the mysterious UFO.

“The object passed overhead at 90 degrees and when it hovered it was under a mile away over the tree line,” the investigator wrote in his report. “It moved very slowly and was large. He said the sound was ‘troubling’ and the three lights at each ‘corner’ were red and stationary.”

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According to the investigator, the witness described the sound of the horns and trumpets that accompanied the UFO as similar to a “harmonic orchestra” playing.

In the investigator’s opinion, the testimony was honest and the video recording authentic. But the nature of the UFO remained a mystery.

The dog also appeared to find the sound from the UFO “troubling,” the investigator’s report noted.

The witness recalled that throughout the sighting that lasted about 20 minutes his dog was silent and showed signs of fear.

Although MUFON was unable to identify the object, Open Minds-TV’s Roger Marsh noted that some viewers suggested the lights might have been aircraft strobe lights (see video above).

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