Who Is Bronte D’Acquisto Of ‘Big Brother’ Season 18?

Big Brother 18 kicks into gear Wednesday night on CBS, and fans cannot wait to get started. Bronte D’Acquisto is one of the houseguests playing the game this summer, and she seems to be generating some early buzz. What do BB18 fans need to know about this contestant?

As Bronte D’Acquisto’s profile at CBS details, she is 26-years-old and is originally from San Diego, California. This Big Brother 18 contestant is now based in Denver, Colorado, and she is a student working on her doctorate. She considers herself to be determined, willing, and capable, and she loves math. This BB18 contestant’s LinkedIn page notes that she has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a focus on theater and graduated magna cum laude.

D’Acquisto says she loves adoptable dogs, shopping for hair accessories, and running, and she thinks she might go a bit stir-crazy in the house. She is an outdoorsy gal who loves to hike, so being sequestered in the BB18 house will be a significant challenge for her. Bronte loves previous winner Derrick Levasseur and hopes that eventually fans might compare her to him in terms of how she plays the game.

Big Brother Access notes that in addition to studying math in school, Bronte does some acting and modeling, even though viewers may not hear much about that on the show. According to Bustle, D’Acquisto was once on an episode of the TLC series My Collective Obsession, and it looks like she’s done some advertising work.

Bronte isn’t a super fan of the series, having only watched Season 16 and part of 17. It seems that D’Acquisto is in the midst of earning her second degree, and some BB18 fans may have previously caught a glimpse of her in a Super Bowl commercial. She is single, but she does not plan to let herself get swept up in any showmances so she can avoid becoming a target.


Bronte has her Instagram account set to private, but she does have an active Twitter page for BB18 that is seemingly run by her sister. Can “Team Hair Bow” manage to scoop up the win this summer? Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that there are tantalizing twists and turns on the way that will shake things up, and there are two players with a bit of a leg-up on the other contestants. Paulie Calafiore, the brother to former contender Cody, as well as Tiffany Rousso, sister to Vanessa, are both houseguests this summer as well.

D’Acquisto definitely has a plan for how to stick around this summer, but viewers will have to wait and see if she can be successful. She is clearly a smart gal with a quirky personality, and she may end up being one of those BB18 contestants who can get viewers talking. Much more about Season 18 will be revealed Wednesday and Thursday as the premiere airs, and it sounds like Bronte will be making a buzzworthy impression.


Bronte says that her life’s motto is that she is willing to do whatever it takes, and this mantra will certainly serve her well in the house. Some speculate that her calculated, mathematical approach to things and her bubbly personality could make her a serious contender as this new season kicks into gear. Will D’Acquisto early strategies work for her, or will she be a houseguest who finds herself scrambling to regroup once the early twists are revealed?

Do you have a favorite already for Big Brother 18? What twists do you think CBS has planned for BB18? Tune in to check out Bronte D’Acquisto and the other houseguests as their quest to win $500,000 begins with a new summer filled with shockers.

[Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS Press Express]