Who Is Tiffany Rousso Of ‘Big Brother’ Season 18?

Tiffany Rousso is one of the contestants on Season 18 of Big Brother this summer, and her involvement certainly has fans talking. Could she be a major contender during BB18? What do people need to know about this houseguest?

As Tiffany Rousso’s Big Brother profile for CBS notes, she is 32-years-old and she lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is a high school teacher and she considers herself to be sincere, smart, and passionate. What is it about Tiffany that has BB18 fans buzzing? She just happens to be the sister to Season 17 contestant Vanessa Rousso. Vanessa, a professional poker player, definitely used her gaming skills to further her position in the game last summer, but will Tiffany use a similar approach?

This Rousso sister says that she will focus on being social, finding one true ally, and building rapport as she competes this summer on Big Brother 18. She notes that oftentimes houseguests will start to get quite paranoid as the game intensifies and she hopes to stay positive and focused. She notes Janelle Pierzina as a former houseguest whom she really admires and she notes that she will be playing hard to win this summer.

While many Big Brother contestants go into the game with a solid presence on social media, and oftentimes a desire to build their brand, Tiffany seems to be quite the opposite. Her Instagram page is private and she doesn’t seem to be on Twitter, although her sister did share a photo including her via Instagram a few months ago and others have posted a few photos including her on the site as well.

Tiffany is pretty sporty it seems, as she mentions liking wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and basketball. However, it seems that she has a passion for music, too. Rousso details that she loves singing and playing the guitar as well. Rousso’s LinkedIn page is pretty locked down, much like her Instagram page, but it looks like she teaches math in the West Palm Beach area.

Will Tiffany reveal her connection to Vanessa as the game begins? Interestingly, Rousso isn’t even the only Big Brother alum sibling playing this summer. Paulie Calafiore, who is the brother of previous houseguest Cody, will be in the BB18 house as well. It sounds as if she may try to fly under the radar regarding this familial connection, and being a high school teacher may work well to provide her some cover.

How similarly will Tiffany play to what everybody saw with Vanessa last year? Will this Rousso sister be able to get to the finale in Big Brother 18 and take things a step further than where Vanessa ended up with her third-place finish in Season 17? This Rousso sister may think that she has some strategies in place heading into the house, but spoilers tease that potentially major shakeups are ahead.

Big Brother 18 premieres this week, but there are still four houseguests yet to be revealed. The prevailing theory is that four veterans will be returning to act as mentors or coaches, and this could end up rattling Tiffany and some of the other players. As they always say with this show, everybody needs to expect the unexpected. So far, only two connections to prior contestants have been revealed, but viewers suspect that there could be additional connections or twists related to this concept on the way.

Who will win the $500,000 prize this summer on Season 18? Could Tiffany Rousso be a major contender during BB18 or will other houseguests take control? Fans are anxious to get started with a new round of Big Brother and this one is shaping up to be a wild ride.

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