‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Death Scenes Filmed For All Cast Members

The Walking Dead Season 7 won’t air until October, and AMC isn’t taking any chances with spoilers. The network, which has already allegedly threatened legal action against one of its biggest fan pages on Facebook, has filmed many scenes in hopes of thwarting any major leaks.

According to Den of Geek, The Walking Dead’s Season 6 finale ended in one of the biggest cliffhangers on television. The final shot of the episode revealed that super villain Negan had just brutally beaten one of the members of Rick’s group to death. However, fans did not get to see which person Negan shockingly killed.

Many viewers believe that it was the character of Glenn Rhee who suffered the unlucky fate of being Negan’s victim because Glenn is the one to die in the comic book series. However, The Walking Dead loves to switch up character deaths from the comic book series to the television show, and anyone in the lineup during that final scene could easily be the victim.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, revealed to one fan who asked him to save Glenn from death that it may already be too late for our favorite former pizza delivery boy.

Walking Dead Spoilers: Who Did Negan Kill In Season 6 Finale?

To keep a lid on any potential spoilers, AMC decided to film 11 different death scenes, featuring each one of the characters in the lineup. This will protect spoilers if any of the scenes happen to leak online or if someone sees them and goes public with their content.

Meanwhile, fans can expect The Walking Dead Season 7 to be very different from the previous seasons. Recently, executive producer Greg Nicotero dished to IGN about the upcoming season.

“The main thing about Season 7 is establishing that the world isn’t what everybody thinks it is, the world out there. At the end of Season 6, Rick was so confident. ‘We’re just going to knock out that outpost, we’re going to f*** these guys up before they f*** us up,’ and it ends with him going, ‘Heh, oh well, I had no idea. What I perceived as the world is not even close to what the reality of the world is,’ and Negan’s there to show him that.

“Season 7 of The Walking Dead, there’s all new worlds that we’re going to meet, so it wouldn’t have made sense to end a chapter and then start it halfway through the next chapter. You want to end in one place and pick it up.”

It appears that everything is about to change for Rick and his group of survivors. There is about to be a big shift in power and morale among the group and possibly the fans. While viewers aren’t sure which one of the group members will be dead and gone come Season 7, each character brings something important and special to the gang, and the victim will definitely be sorely missed.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Who will die in Season 7?

The Walking Dead has always warned fans that no one is safe from death, not even the most beloved of characters, and viewers have seen that in the past. Some of the most shocking deaths on the show include Shane, Lori, Andrea, Hershel, Beth, Noah, Tyreese, and Sophia, along with many others.

As much as the hit show is about the breakdown of civilization, zombies, and evil, a huge part of the series is about love, family, and friendship. Those relationships are a big reason why viewers continue to keep tuning in year after year.

What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead filming a death scene for each character to combat spoilers? Who do you think is Negan’s victim?

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