‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’: Tara Reid Comments On Unhealthy Weight, Body Contouring

New photos of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars participant Tara Reid show the 40-year-old actress baring it all in a small blue bikini. Reid was apparently on vacation in Mexico when the photos were snapped and shared online. Critics are calling Tara Reid’s thin body “lumpy and bumpy” in the photos as she wades through water in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday. The American Pie actress even admits that “it all went wrong” when she speaks out about plastic surgery attempts 10 years ago, but says there’s nothing wrong with her weight.

Reid is starring in Season 7 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with her new boyfriend, Dean May. The WE tv reality series follows the lives of five couples from previous reality TV shows that all live together in one house for 10 days. This setup is supposed to determine whether a couple’s troubled relationship is worth saving or not. It’s no secret that Tara Reid has gone through several botched engagements throughout the years, starting with TV host and radio personality Carson Daly in 2001, possibly due to her well-known partying lifestyle and dramatic personality.

Three years after Reid and Daly broke off their engagement after only one year of dating, Reid underwent her first plastic surgery attempt in 2004 for a new movie role, saying she wanted a “six pack” and one breast was larger than the other. Reid actually admitted in an interview with Us Weekly that her first attempt at plastic surgery had failed, leaving her with a deformity. According to the interview, Reid was left with deformed nipples and rippled skin, which had to be corrected with even more plastic surgery in 2006.

“My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing,” said Reid.

“I became known as having the ugliest breast in the world. It was all over these websites. Millions of them.”

Cosmetic surgeon Steven Svehlak called Tara’s liposuctioned tummy a cobblestone road, saying that “it was very irregular and bumpy with dents and high points. It was not smooth at all.” Dr. Svehlak reversed Reid’s plastic surgery on both her stomach and her breasts, and after losing what Reid calls “a lot of work,” the actress stepped out nine months ago in a cropped tank top to show off her new “taut tummy,” as reported by Us Weekly. The Sharknado actress even posed nude for a photo that she posted to her Instagram account in January, 2015, to ring in the New Year.

Both photos from last year showed Tara Reid looking happy, healthy, carefree, and firm. So, what happened in such a short amount of time with Reid’s body? Radar Online calls Reid a “hot mess” in the new photos that were shared on Tuesday. Reid is back to looking lumpy, not only in her stomach but also on her “stick-thin” legs, leaving fans wondering if the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars star had more plastic surgery done prior to her appearing on the reality TV series that premiered on June 3.

Tara will only say that she’s had body contouring, and it “all went wrong.”

Celebrity nutritionist Charlene Ciardiello says that Reid’s weight even appears to be unhealthy, especially for her “oversized” breasts that were redone during her second augmentation to correct the first. Fans of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and followers of Reid say that her surgeries have done her no favors, but she’s not “scary skinny” as some critics of the photos say.

“Her implants are pulling her skin down. Her tummy is filled out and the rest of her looks normal.”

Reid certainly isn’t afraid to show off her plastic surgery attempts, even though her fans do think that she needs to start wearing a one-piece bathing suit because her bikini is “falling off her.” But even on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, viewers think that Reid’s clothes don’t fit her at all and that she looks and acts sick, which could also have something to do with the cigarettes that she’s constantly clutching. But even though Tara Reid does own the fact that her plastic surgery went terribly wrong, she won’t admit that she might be even a tiny bit underweight for her frame, saying that thin is just in her genetics.

“I have a really fast metabolism. People get mad that I’m so thin, but there’s nothing I can do about it. My weight hasn’t fluctuated in years!”

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

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