Louis Tomlinson: Whatever Happened To Danielle Campbell?

Just weeks ago, you could not see an internet news feed without stumbling across a story about Louis Tomlinson and Originals actress Danielle Campbell. One Direction star Tomlinson has been linked with Campbell pretty much since Louis finished up his last world tour with the band. When rumors began to circulate claiming that Louis and Campbell were dating, the story took on an all too familiar path. We saw leaked pictures of Tomlinson and Campbell sitting next to each other in a milkshake bar. Over the Christmas holidays, we saw pictures of Louis and Danielle partying in London. As January arrived, we saw leaked pictures of Louis and Danielle kissing whilst they were on a skiing holiday in France.

Then as the birth of Freddie Tomlinson approached Louis’ relationship with Campbell was used as a stick to beat him with. The Mirror and many others accused Tomlinson of dumping his pregnant girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth, just weeks before she was to give birth. The fact that Louis and Briana were never a couple didn’t seem to matter, as Tomlinson was branded a deadbeat dad.

As reported in The Inquisitr, we saw numerous stories about Louis and Danielle visiting grocery stores, restaurants and nightclubs. At the beginning of this month MTV was telling us that Louis and Danielle were “ridiculously loved up” when they were spotted together at the Monaco Grand Prix.


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Days later, Daily Mail called Campbell Louis’ “biggest cheerleader” as Tomlinson dropped into Manchester to play in this year’s Soccer Aid charity soccer match.

Then suddenly, the focus shifted. For the past couple of weeks, Campbell barely rates a mention, as the press focuses on talking about how Louis spent Father’s Day. U.K. tabloid The Sun yesterday shifted its focus back to Freddie Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth. They reported that “Louis Tomlinson’s son Freddie has been dubbed ‘a miracle baby’ by Jungwirth’s religious family.” It seems that “a close family friend,” who is of course unnamed, spilled the details of the Jungwirth families spiritual reawakening.

“Briana always said she never wanted children but as soon as she fell pregnant she saw it as her own miracle. They all did, it was God’s miracle gift to them and that’s what they refer to Freddie as. Briana was raised as a Christian and it was all a blessing from above.”

Perhaps the renewed interest in Briana and her family was sparked by a photo that Louis shared on Instagram on father’s day. The picture shows Tomlinson holding a baby’s hand.

Whatever the cause it appears that Louis’ relationship with Danielle has, at least for the time being, stopped being of interest to the hacks.

Of course it may be the case that Louis and Danielle are busy with their respective careers and as a result have been unable to spend any time together. Many One Direction fans have refused to buy into the reports of a relationship between Tomlinson and Campbell. They point out that the relationship has followed an all too familiar path, one that has led fans to believe that the relationship is simply the latest in a long line of “winter girlfriend” stories.

In recent years, it has become the norm for Louis, or more usually Harry Styles, to be linked with a new girlfriend in November as One Direction’s tour finishes. The normal pattern is that those relationships have hit the breakup reports as the next tour began around February.

This year has, of course, been very different, as Louis and One Direction went into a hiatus instead of a new tour. It may well be the case that the media will switch back to reporting on Louis and Danielle’s relationship when the furore over his latest Instagram pictures dies away.

You can be sure that Louis’ loyal fans will be watching closely to see what happens next.

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