Apple Watch: Does watchOS 3 Finally Bring Apple’s Device To Life?

Apple is going to release watchOS 3 for the Apple Watch in September, but many people have already tried the operating system and say it’s a winner. Mac Rumors has the news.

“watchOS 3, set to be released this fall, introduces some radical changes to the operating system that runs on the Apple Watch. There are new apps and watch faces, interface tweaks overhaul the way we interact with watchOS, and a new feature for keeping apps running in the background allows for instant launch times.”

The article adds that the “Glances” feature is now gone in watchOS 3, and it has been replaced with a dock that one can reach by pressing the side button. Because the Apple Watch keeps all the programs in the dock up to date, these apps can launch instantly.

There will also be an activity sharing feature that allows Apple Watch users to share workout and activity information with friends. There are new options for wheelchair users as well. The commenters after the article are very excited about the new features.

“All very welcome improvements, especially the addition of the dock,” says JoEw.

“The dock is a vastly better concept because the app is both glance-able AND background refreshed, so it will be more accurate and faster, AND it’s all kept in memory so the apps you keep in the Dock should instantly launch,” states Watabou.

Apple Watch Operating System
watchOS 3 will turn the Apple Watch into quite the workout companion. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
According to Apple Insider, watchOS 3 will make Apple’s device quite the workout companion.

“With the upcoming watchOS 3 update, tracked workouts with Apple Watch will not only display more information in the midst of an exercise, but the type of information shown can be completely customized by the user.”

The article notes that the Workout app will now have a “Quick Start” option, which will let users repeat the same workout they have previously completed. Perhaps this will help sales of the Apple Watch, which have been low compared to expectations.

Tech Times is one of the sites that noted that the Watch wasn’t the hit everyone expected.

“Circling back to the here and now, there has been talk suggesting the Apple Watch is a flop. And it is. The Apple Watch is a flop in that it failed to live up to some of the loftier of predictions and the castles of air built on them,” claimed columnist Quinten Plummer.

Apple Watch 2015
The Apple Watch, released in 2015, didn’t become the hit everybody expected it to be. [Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]
The article did add that in terms of being special and taking the lead in the smartwatch market, the Apple Watch may not be such a flop. Plummer said that even though the Watch has been losing steam, Apple is currently working to finish a follow-up that will launch later this year.

Most sources say that the Apple Watch 2 will be faster than the current Apple Watch, which many say takes forever to launch an app. Perhaps, like the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, the Watch 2 will have a 3G (or even a 4G) connection, so you won’t have to always be connected to the iPhone through a Bluetooth connection.

Even though some people don’t think the first Apple Watch has been compelling, there is a lot of excitement for the Apple Watch 2 on Twitter.

Do you currently have an Apple Watch? If not, does the Apple Watch 2 with watchOS 3 sound tempting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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