Liam Hemsworth: Miley Cyrus Absent At ‘Independence Day’ Premiere — Trouble In Paradise Amid Wedding Plans?

Liam Hemsworth surprised fans when he decided to ditch his fiancée, Miley Cyrus, at the premiere of his latest movie Independence Day: Resurgence earlier this week. The 26-year-old showed up to the red carpet all by himself, and that’s just days after Miley publicly confirmed that she is, in fact, in a relationship with the Hollywood actor. So what could have possibly stopped Cyrus from attending the event to show her man some support?

According to Hollywood Life, Liam was the one who told Miley not to come — and it wasn’t because they were feuding or arguing, it was because Hemsworth didn’t want his relationship to overshadow the premiere.

Miley and Liam have yet to talk about their romance in an interview, and Liam thought that talking about his forthcoming wedding with the singer, along with their supposed plans to move in together later this year, are irrelevant at the premiere of his latest movie. Liam is not there to talk about his relationship, he’s there to promote a film, and from what sources have said, Miley totally respects that.

“Liam didn’t want to make things a circus, and didn’t want to overshadow the film by bringing Miley,” the source shared. “That’s also why he didn’t talk to any outlets during the premiere and just took pictures. He wanted the movie to stand on its own and not be overshadowed by his relationship.”

Miley understands that Liam is not the type to mix business with pleasure; the movie premiere has nothing to do with their wedding, but if they were to make an appearance at a place that seemed more appropriate, such as Ellen, then things would obviously be different.

Miley’s fans were left puzzled when they failed to see any photos of the 22-year-old on the red carpet, with one social media user convinced that the twosome were probably feuding with one another again.

From what reports have alleged in recent weeks, Miley and Liam have found themselves caught up in arguments on several occasions over their plans to get married later this year. Liam’s initial worry was that the couple’s wedding needed a location where both of their families could come together and celebrate the duo’s union.

Most of Liam’s relatives stay out in Australia while Miley’s family reside in California, and according to sources, the two couldn’t figure out a way to get both families together since the idea of flying Hemsworth’s family out to America didn’t sit too well with them, it has been alleged.

One report did reveal, however, that Miley was more than open to having two weddings — one that would be held in America while the other will be celebrated in Australia. Quite frankly, that would be the only way the singer can avoid any further drama regarding her wedding.

And while the former Hannah Montana star is extremely excited when it comes to marrying the love of her life, Miley is also said to be trying to find time to set an official date for the ceremony since she just recently signed on as a mentor for the forthcoming season of The Voice.

All in all, it seems Liam Hemsworth and Miley have a lot of planning to do. For Miley to have shown up at the premiere of Liam’s movie would’ve been a bad idea and the 26-year-old knows it. She would’ve been bombarded with questions regarding the wedding, and since the twosome don’t have a clear understanding as to where, what, and how it’s going to happen, it was definitely best for Miley to sit at home and avoid any interaction with the press.

[Photo by Kevin Winter and Kevin Winter/Getty Images]