You Won’t Believe Bella Thorne’s New Hair Color And Photo Shoot

Bella Thorne is stripping down once again in another new photo shoot. The 18-year-old is showing off her killer body in a series of barely-there bikinis for Galore’s summer issue.

Bella Thorne loves working out at the gym and soaking up the sun at the pool. Now, she’s showing off the results she’s achieved in her provocative new photo shoot. Thorne didn’t just strip down for the magazine. She also opened up about the “Ask Her More” campaign and her fitness routine.

how are u this hot @bellathorne, this is an iconic photoshoot

— summer (@rightnowsummer) June 21, 2016

Oh damn, you are literally killing me with all these new photoshoot pics @bellathorne

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Just like us, Bella loves watching red carpet shows to see who’s wearing what. However, the Ask Her More campaign proves that women are just more than just their looks. Bella understands that actresses and singers should also be asked about their upcoming work and projects on the red carpet just like their male counterparts.

“I really like to know what people are wearing. Ask more, for sure. Ask about the roles and what you have coming up but totally, I do want to know what they’re wearing. When I watch The Oscars, my boyfriend and I have an Oscar party, and they’re like, ‘Okay, we need to record the first part since everyone won’t be here till later.’ And he’s like, ‘Why do you need to see the carpet? You do that all the time.’ And I’m like, “OMG b****, I’m not on the Oscars carpet!'”

Thorne also revealed that she loves to follow fitness gurus on Instagram, but she knows that some of those people kind of fake it for the cameras. She wants to keep it as real as possible when she shares her inspiring workout photos and videos.

“You can tell somebody’s [body is] not from working out if their thighs aren’t big and their butt is big. It’s not humanly possible…because every time you do a squat, or every time you do a lunge—any time you do a workout for your butt—your legs are getting the [muscles]. That’s how you can tell. Any gym goer you see, they have big legs because they don’t skip leg day.”

Let’s get back to Bella Thorne’s sizzling new photo shoot just in time for the summer. In one of the photos, the Scream Queens star is seen wearing a revealing orange string bikini as she poses in a pair of colorful round glasses and a tied printed scarf in her signature red hair. In the other racy photos, Bella is photographed in a red crochet bikini, a tan crochet one-piece swimsuit, a gold string bikini, and a tan bikini top with denim jeans.

When it comes to keeping her fabulous shape, she says that she works out every day, “sometimes multiple times a day.” Thorne loves to focus on her incredibly taut abs, butt, core, and legs, and that she loves doing jumping squats. When it comes to her diet, Thorne will eat mostly anything she wants since she’s not into crash diets or food fads.

Bella also recently unveiled her newly dyed pink hair. It all started when she took to Instagram to ask her fans what color she should dye her hair next. Then she shared a photo of her new pink ombre tips. In one of the many Snapchat photos and clips, Bella is seen posing topless in just a pair of colorful underwear.

Which hair color is next? Hmmm...what should I do? @powderroomd

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Hmmmm what color am I doing today ???? Ahhhhh

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In one of the Instagram posts, she thanked her fans for helping her make the plunge, writing, “Red AND pink b****es!!! Thank you to my babies for bringing this to life!!”

The former Disney star even took to Snapchat to share photos of her colorful new hair color and manicure while she was out and about. This isn’t the first time that Thorne has been seen rocking pink tips. She rocked similar hot pink tips at the Coachella Arts and Music Festival back in April.

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[Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.]