Trevor Noah Still Experiencing Dismal Ratings For ‘The Daily Show’

The Orlando shootings have caused other cable show hosts to increase their ratings, but this certainly isn’t the case with Trevor Noah. When averaging ratings for last week on Showbuzz Daily, Noah averaged about 719,000 viewers a night. This is a slight drop from the 732,00 viewers per night he averaged 3 weeks ago.

As Deadline noted, Trevor Noah got serious in his first show since the Orlando shootings.

“‘We’re shocked…we mourn, we change our profile pics, and we move on,’ he said. President Obama, he noted, now has given more speeches on gun violence than he’s given state dinners while in office. The press briefing room from which he has given many of these speeches is named after a victim of gun violence.”

Deadline adds that Noah mimicked people against gun control, who say that violence isn’t about guns.

Many thought Noah intelligently noted that after 9/11, the government was allowed to make it more difficult for terrorists to get the weapons they used for that tragedy — airplanes. Still, the commenters after the article didn’t take Noah seriously.

“This has got to be one of the dumbest responses I have ever seen in response to a terrorist attack on Americans. You want to compare guns to freakin airplanes? Are you kidding me!?” CB angrily points out.

“This is why Noah just does not hack it – simplistic, naïve, too pat, and just not that smart,” says Joshreader.

According to Uproxx, Noah also examined the good and bad following Congress’ gun control filibuster later in the week.

“As Noah says, the bill that addresses gun sales to those on the watch list, both the republican and democrat versions of the bill, are flawed. However, the bill that closes the loophole of allowing people to purchase guns should be celebrated.”

Though some people on Twitter spoke out against Noah’s thoughts about gun control, he was mostly praised.

Though some of Noah’s segments are being well received, he is still seen as an inadequate host by most of the media — even liberal sites. The New York Daily News has recently explained why Noah is a “flop.”

“If Millennials are truly eating up Trevor Noah, then an entire generation is suffering from comedy malnutrition,” wrote columnist Gersh Kuntzman, before noting that Comedy Central has said it is happy with Noah’s ratings when it comes to young folks.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
Critics are not fond of Trevor Noah. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]
“That’s because all he has in his comic quiver is jokes. And pretty simple jokes, too. Noah needs to do better. I happily gave him eight months to get comfortable, but he isn’t impressing many of us,” Kuntzman continued.

According to another article by the New York Daily News, Comedy Central doesn’t care that older people don’t like Trevor Noah.

“The truth is our network is a business and our core audience are millennials. And millennials are paying attention to us.”

As columnist Don Kaplan notes, millennials are important for advertising dollars. And even if they aren’t watching Noah on television, data shows that they are certainly watching him online or through services such as Hulu. So, things may not be so bad for Trevor Noah after all.

Still, some people think Comedy Central is doing some PR spin control on Noah, and he will be kicked off the show in a matter of months. Do you think all the hate toward Trevor Noah is warranted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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