‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Not Happy To Hear Of Mykelti’s Engagement

Although the news about Sister Wives‘ Mykelti Brown’s engagement broke just this past week, Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives gave fans an inside and unexpected look into what happened when Mykelti let her mother, Christine Brown, know that she and her boyfriend were thinking about getting engaged. The moment was incredibly awkward, not only for Christine and Mykelti, but also for Sister Wives’ viewers too.

Mykelti decided to let Christine know her boyfriend was interested in talking to her father, Kody Brown, about taking her hand in marriage, while the Sister Wives‘ family was on a Spring break vacation in Hawaii. This is the first time Mykelti has ever mentioned her boyfriend, Antonio, or Tony, as she referred to him, on Sister Wives.

Christine appeared to be absolutely blindsided when Mykelti brought up the topic of getting engaged. She didn’t even know Mykelti and Tony were even dating, let alone the fact they had been dating for the last five months. Christine did a poor job of hiding her shock and general dislike of the idea. Viewers could tell she was halfway trying to conceal her dismay about the idea, but she continually kept asking Mykelti, “really?,” and she asked Mykelti to give her some time to process it.

Mykelti was clearly hurt by the conversation with her mother. In an interview, Mykelti recalled how Christine had been overjoyed and jumped out of her chair to hug Maddie when she announced she was going to be marrying Caleb. Christine was very verbal about her excitement over Maddie’s engagement. Mykelti expected, at the very least, the same reaction from her mother, and she shared she honestly expected even more.

Instead of excitement, Mykelti received shock, disbelief, and reservation. In a Sister Wives interview, Christine said she wanted to give Mykelti a cold, hard dose of reality, but instead of doing that, she just stayed quiet. Her response didn’t get by Mykelti though, and the hurt could be seen on her face and heard in her voice when she talked about the experience.

Christine even went so far as to say in her interview that she didn’t plan to tell Kody about Mykelti’s engagement plans until after they returned from their Hawaiian vacation. The way she said it, it sounded as if she didn’t want the news to ruin Kody’s vacation.

Now that the engagement is official, Christine seems to have changed her tune, that is as far as Twitter goes. She posted this tweet three days ago when Mykelti’s engagement was officially made public.


Christine’s attitude toward the engagement seems a lot different in this post than it did during Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives. Could the Brown family possibly have gotten to know Tony better and now accept the engagement? Based on this photo Mykelti shared on Instagram two weeks ago, it appears that might be the case. It looks like the photo was taken at Maddie’s wedding rehearsal in Montana.

Fans will have to wait until the Sister Wives season finale, which is set to air next week, to see if the Brown family will discuss Mykelti’s engagement in the tell-all special.

What do you think about Christine’s reaction to Mykelti announcing that she wanted to get engaged to Tony? Do you feel Christine should have been more enthusiastic in her response, even if she wasn’t truly excited, for the sake of her daughter? Do you think Mykelti is too young to be getting married? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in for the tell-all season finale on Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

[Photo by @usweekly/Twitter]