President Obama Intervenes In Democratic Platform, Has Jerusalem And God Added

Charlotte, N.C. – Word on the streets is the Democrats are having a party down in North Carolina. The big problem is that someone forgot to invite the Israelis and God. Both terms were blatantly left out of the Democratic Party’s official platform this year, but, according to the, President Barack Obama personally intervened and now the Platform includes reference to both.

On the issue of Israel, Republicans have made no secret that they are going to use Israel as a wedge issue against the President in this election cycle. For better or worse, the President is seen throughout the world, but especially in the US, as being anti-Israel. Some high profile snubs of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coupled with being caught on an open microphone talking about the Israeli Prime minister doesn’t help matters much.

President Obama needs all his traditional supporters to show up this election cycle if he has any prayer of defeating Republican Mitt Romney. Obama maintained more than 80 percent of Jewish support in the last election and he needs that number to hold steady somewhat. Being seen as snubbing Israel by leaving them out of the platform is not the headache he needs right now as he approached his larger donors for help keeping up with Romney’s immense war chest.

Some on the Left are not happy with the President’s intervention and the addition of Jerusalem and God inserted back into the Platform. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said:

“If you read this platform, there is not a single condition put on Israel … there’s conditions put on the Palestinians … there’s nothing said about the settlements. If the American government policy is actually that Jerusalem is the capital, and the American government wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem, there’s been plenty of opportunities for both Republicans and Democrats to do it, and they have not done it, because it’s a terrible idea from the perspective of actually getting a lasting peace.”


He also commented on the fact that the platform had many references to God by using the term “faith” repeatedly. Some people had criticism of President Obama, arguing that he caved to religious extremists by changing what they thought was a more than adequate mention of God.