Lamar Odom Confused By Khloe Kardashian Divorce, Claims He Never Took ‘KUWTK’ Star For Granted

Lamar Odom is confused by Khloe Kardashian’s recent actions, having confirmed that she has filed for divorce again, stressing that she’s finally ready to leave her troubled marriage and move on with her life.

Sources say that Odom was completely blindsided by the move, having thought that he was slowly but surely building things up with Khloe again. Lamar is confused as to where he stands with his wife as of right now, especially with reports claiming that the reality star is no longer on speaking terms with the disgraced NBA player.

While Khloe is said to have distanced herself from Odom in recent weeks, the 36-year-old fails to acknowledge the fact that Kardashian gave up on him after she learned about his drug and alcohol relapse.

Endless photos were published on the Internet in the last couple of months, showing Odom downing several shots of alcohol at a local mall in California, which were clear signs that Lamar was struggling to stay sober following his near-death experience last year when he suffered a drug overdose.

It’s almost as if Lamar hasn’t learned his lesson, Khloe has told her family members. The socialite was also told by some of Odom’s friends that they are convinced he’s back on drugs, which pretty much ended up being Khloe’s breaking point with her husband, who she has cared for ever since his release from the hospital.

Khloe has made it clear that she doesn’t want to babysit Lamar Odom any longer. She’s done everything she can, and while there may have been a chance for the twosome to reconcile, Lamar has totally ruined it for himself by not only refusing to get professional help at a rehab facility, but also showing friends and family clear signs that he’s back on drugs.

But sources say that Lamar feels neglected by Khloe, who won’t even speak to him anymore. “Lamar feels like he’s playing in Game 7 in the NBA finals the way Khloe keeps head faking and crossing him over,” the source tells Hollywood Life. “One minute she’s in the game as Lamar’s teammate, the next she’s playing on a different team and with a different man.”

Insiders close to the situation claim that Khloe is being really tough on Lamar Odom, especially since she’s the only one he has that really cared for him. But there comes a point when the reality star has to accept the fact that Lamar doesn’t want to change his lifestyle, and now that she is giving him the cold shoulder, the father-of-two is the one who is playing the victim card.

“Lamar’s baffled. He would love to be with Khloe right now at this very minute but she’s the one who doesn’t want him. He’s f–ked up in the past and apologized for it but for some reason, Khloe continues to chew on the same piece of meat.”

In recent cryptic messages that Khloe Kardashian posted on her social media accounts, she makes it known that she has let go of the past, strongly insinuating that her relationship with Lamar is completely over. In another post, she stresses that people have to let go of those they love if one realizes that they’ve done everything they can to help that particular someone.

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