Cavs 2016 Parade In Cleveland And Akron? Cavalier Fans Already Tweeting Their Excitement

No sooner did LeBron James lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory after Game 7 of the NBA Finals did folks begin tweeting about the forthcoming Cavs parade. As seen in the video below from the official Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter account, the Cavs celebrated with champagne as they donned goggles. That’s likely the same account where the official word about a Cavs parade will be announced.

Update: The Cavs parade will be held on Wednesday at 11 a.m., with the Akron celebration at Lock 3 on Thursday at 7 p.m.

On social media, rumors about the day the Cavs parade will be held are already filling up the social networking account.

Previously, Cleveland’s mayor, Frank Jackson, didn’t speak of parade details, saying that he didn’t want to jinx the Cavs by speaking about parade plans prior to the Cavs wining the series, as reported by NewsNet5.

Whether there will be a championship homecoming parade for the Cavs in both Cleveland and Akron remains to be seen. After all, LeBron’s miraculous story involves being a phenomenal basketball player who ended up getting drafted by a team very close to his hometown of Akron, Ohio. After his stint away from the Cavs wherein he took his “talents to South Beach,” LeBron returned and promised Cleveland a championship.

Now that the Cavs have given Cleveland and Akron a championship, questions about the Cavs parade details are filling up online. As reported by Heavy, the details about where the Cavs parade will be — along with how to watch the Cavs parade on TV or online — are forthcoming.

Meanwhile, fan reactions on social media prove that folks are willing to fly into Cleveland to attend the parade and celebrate the Cavs and all their hard work.

More than one person has mentioned that the “LeBron James kid” — meaning the child who is famous for memes in which he says LeBron’s name in a funny manner — should make an appearance at the Cavs parade.

Others are wondering if the Cavs parade could be as early as Monday or Tuesday — however, given the fact that the Cavs were still in Oakland, California, late on Sunday evening, it seems improbable that the Cavs parade would be as early as Monday. Since the Cavs had their Game 7 battle against the Golden State Warriors on the Warriors home turf, the Cavs would need time to fly back to Cleveland from the west coast.

According to FanSided, the Cavaliers may have a parade downtown in Cleveland on either Tuesday or Wednesday. As the week begins, more details about the Cavs parade will likely come into fruition, especially in light of making sure the Cavs parade is a safe event.

Already on Twitter, terrorism threats against the Cavs parade were leveled. Whether joking or serious, users who make threats such as these against events like the Cavs parade will likely be investigated.

[Image via Twitter/ ] [Image via Twitter/ScubbaSteve_24]Meanwhile, fans are having a field day over the prospect of a Cavs parade — perhaps both in Cleveland and LeBron’s Akron hometown. Some of their reactions are quoted below.

“Why do I feel like the Cavs championship parade will be like a 30-year-old woman’s birthday and last a month?”

“Might start a go fund me page to send me to the Cavs parade.”

“When’s the parade?

“My family has already planned our itinerary for the parade. I love them man!!!

“Please don’t have the parade on Thursday or Sunday…. Please..

“What are the parade details??

“Does anyone know what day the parade will be?

“Do I ask my manager for the day off so I can drive 16 hours within two days to go to the Cavs parade?”

With heated responses like those filling up social media about the Cavs parade, it should be one exciting parade — maybe both in Akron and Cleveland.


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Update: The Cavs parade will be held on Wednesday, June 22.

[Photo by AP Photo/Eric Risberg]