‘GTA 5’: New ‘Cunning Stunts’ DLC Announced, GTA 6 Rumors Abound

GTA 5 from Rockstar Games is having a bit of a banner month. The latest GTA 5 Online DLC, Further Adventures In Finance And Felony, which The Inquisitr told you all about last week, is stacking up to be one of the game’s most successful add-ons ever, according to The Express; many fans are calling it the best content added to GTA 5 since the very popular Online Heists DLC.

And who could blame them? With the ability to start their own illicit corporation, build a massive home-base office, buy disgustingly-expensive luxury goods and vehicles and participate in special missions like stealing a cargo container with a helicopter in broad daylight, the whole pack is reminiscent of a grand heist Hollywood blockbuster like Ocean’s 11.

Now, hot on the heels of Felony and Finance, the Cunning Stunts DLC is inbound for July.


Speaking from personal experience, be very cautious when saying 'Cunning Stunts' out loud.
Speaking from personal experience, be very cautious when saying ‘Cunning Stunts’ out loud. [Image via YouTube/Rockstar Games]
Cunning Stunts, which is, unsurprisingly, another DLC for the Online portion of GTA 5, is rumored to primarily be focused on a range of souped-up vehicles which already exist in the game — notably the Faggio. And while the name still does not appeal, the opportunity to pull off crazy stunts on a customized Vespa-style motor scooter is pretty much irresistible.

The Cunning Stunts DLC will also allegedly feature an actual, physical “stunt academy” somewhere in the game — but the real purpose of the DLC is supposedly as an extension to the Creator tools that already exist.

“The inspired Creator scene will be getting a vast new set of props, for an evolution of stunting, racing and trials-style creations, and other gameplay possibilities that will surely defy imagination.”

The Creator tools that already exist in GTA V are mostly used to craft racetracks and custom missions of one sort or another; purely theoretically, Cunning Stunts is set to bring new obstacles and objects to those custom courses — a variety of ramps and loops, for example — to create a sort of stunt-racing course and take them to the next level.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 and its DLC packs aside, fans of the game were disappointed to discover that Rockstar never made an appearance at E3, in spite of hints from their parent company, Take-Two Interactive. In fact, post-E3 and according to iDigital Times, SCEA Vice-President of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes indicated that Rockstar never intended to show up to E3 at all, amidst rumors that they’d disappeared due to the graphic nature of their new game trailer, following the events in Orlando this week.

That’s left a lot of fans crushed that rumors of GTA 6 have been left unconfirmed — but according to the Christian Times, there are plenty of new rumors floating around about GTA 5‘s sequel.

Bear in mind that there is no actual proof of any of this, so take it with a grain of salt. But there is sufficient congruent speculation to lend it some verisimilitude.

Most notably, rumor has it that GTA 5 will be set in London, England; a significant departure from the game’s focus on America for a long time.

There is some precedent, in the form of GTA: London 1969. Which website apparently hasn't been updated since its release.
There is some precedent, in the form of GTA: London 1969. Which website apparently hasn’t been updated since its release. [Image via Rockstar Games]
According to the rumors, GTA 6 will feature the largest GTA game map yet – which probably isn’t all that earth-shattering a revelation, all considered. What is interesting is that Rockstar admitted that they wanted to set a modern GTA game outside of America previously, specifically in Tokyo, but after going on-location they found that the road system was simply too confusing.

So perhaps they’ve looked elsewhere for an international GTA, and a faithful recreation of London would certainly make for an incredible setting.

The latest GTA 6 release date rumors place it late 2016 – but for now, it still needs to be confirmed at all.

[Image via Rockstar Games]

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