GP2X Wiz MAME/Amiga Console Emulator. The Commodore 64 Is Cool Again. But Not Really

Yeah you heard me right, the Commodore 64 is receiving some retro love via the GP2X Wiz, a gaming console that can play a virtual plethora of video game types directly from a single handheld device. Forget those huge graphic intensive games on the PSP and try for something with a whopping 64kb!

According to ThinkGeek the GP2X Wiz features support for:

Atari ST games, Commodore 64, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, NeoGeo, Flash Games and more too numerous to mention.

The system offers several included flash games, however it doesn’t come equipped with ROMs, although I’ve heard there’s this search engine thing called Google where you can find them for free and for pretty much any gaming system that exists.

The system also supports other purposes including video playback for MPEG4, Xvid and DIVX files. While offering a built-in eBook (what doesn’t these days), calendar and a voice recorder.

The handheld emulator also comes with 1GB internal memory with SDHC card support for way more storage possibilities. The unit also features a high-res screen and a d-pad on the left of the device with another d-pad and buttons on the right side.

It’s also faster than many mobile phones currently available clocking in on an ARM9 533MHz Processor which can be overclocked for speeds up to 800Mhz.

The console is available from ThinkGeek for a rather pricey $179.99, we could buy like 1000 Commodore 64’s for that price. Yet the portable nature of the device may be worth it for retro loving gamers.