Donald Trump’s Father’s Day ‘Haters And Losers’ Tweet Isn’t Fake — Just Old

Donald Trump’s Father’s Day tweet from 2014 has been revived and is making the rounds, getting retweets. It’s a bit controversial, since it’s addressed to, among others, “haters and losers.” Since a quick skim of today’s posts on the GOP presumptive nominee’s timeline doesn’t show the tweet, the question has arisen about whether it’s a fake.

There are plenty of fake Trump tweets to go around, and there’s even a website that makes it easy to make your own fake Trump tweets. There are also plenty of Trump satire accounts on social media, some of which do an excellent job of creating posts that are, at a glance, believable.

Thus, it’s no surprise that someone with a moderate dose of skepticism would doubt that a man running for President of the United States would tweet a Father’s Day wish to “haters and losers,” and especially that doubt would grow when the tweet wasn’t visible on social media pages.

However, in this case, the answer is found by looking at the date on the tweet. It’s from June 15, 2014. It’s a real tweet, but two-years-old.

Below, you can see it in his timeline, sandwiched between tweets about golf and a retweet of birthday wishes to him, also all from 2014.

Donald Trump's Father's Day tweet is real
[Image via Twitter]
Note the blue checkmark beside Trump’s name in all the tweets, showing that the account is really his.

Trump’s post this year was more positive, simply wishing a wonderful day to all fathers.

Also, this year’s post is (so far) only on his Facebook page, with no tweet about the holiday.

In years past, Trump’s posts have included photos of himself with his children, posts about his own father, and posts suggesting his products as gifts. No other year has produced a wish (for Father’s Day, at least) with such vitriol.

This was, of course, before his fallout with Macy’s last year, in which he called for a boycott of the company.

Donald Trump calling people “losers” has become something of a meme over the past year, since he announced his campaign for presidency. He has applied the word to numerous people and organizations, including the NY Daily News, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and perhaps most notably, Senator John McCain.

Donald Trump Father's Day tweet to 'losers' like he called McCain
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As the NY Post reported at the time, Trump went on to say that McCain was not a war hero.

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Another old tweet from the real estate mogul and reality star-turned-politician surfaced in January, in which he suggested that sexual assault cases in the military were the natural outcome of putting men and women together in combat. It, too, was questioned at the time, especially as screenshots of it floated around Facebook, but like this one, it was a real tweet, albeit one from before Trump was an aspiring politician.

If a wish to “haters and losers” still seems a bit unlikely, here are some of his thoughts on other holidays. Two of the following are from 2015.

Then, of course, to top them all, there’s this one:

Like Donald Trump’s Father’s Day tweet, they’re all real and from his verified account.

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