Donald Trump Calls For Macy’s Boycott — Because Of Planned Parenthood, Or Simple Vengeance?

Donald Trump is firing back at Macy’s, the department store chain that once carried his line of clothing. Macy’s and Donald Trump broke ties after Trump claimed that Mexican immigrants are mostly rapists, drug dealers, and criminals. Trump claimed, in a Facebook post, that this was by his choice, but he made it clear he was still angry at the chain for cutting him off — and that becomes even more clear in his recent call for boycott.

Trump connected his suggestion to a recent Planned Parenthood video that is making waves. Though the video was revealed to be heavily edited, it has still fired up some pro-life politicians and voters, with some calling for the organization (which provides mammograms, diagnostic tests, birth control, and a variety of reproductive health care methods to many who would be unable to afford it otherwise) to be shut down.

Though Trump has not called for a boycott of other companies that support the organization, on Friday, he took time to connect his former partner in clothing sales to the pro-choice cause.

While, according to LifeNews, Donald Trump has joined other conservative voices in calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, he has expressed his opinion on abortion rights before — in 1999, he told NBC News that he is “very pro-choice.”

Of course, people change their minds, and politicians change their stances, but Trump isn’t really making any effort to hide his reasons for asking people to boycott Macy’s. In the tweet shown above, Trump accuses Macy’s of “racial profiling” — an odd skew from his oris previous statement, in which Trump claimed that Macy’s supported illegal immigration.

Three factors make it clear that Donald Trump is only attempting to exact revenge, rather than protect the unborn: his own previously stated stance on abortion rights, his lack of effort in calling attention to any other companies that support Planned Parenthood, and his characterization of Macy’s as “racial profiling” where it is completely irrelevant.

Still, no one has ever accused Trump of using social media wisely. He has used his Facebook and Twitter for such unusual purposes as calling on the president of Univision (a company based in America, that broadcasts Spanish-language television) to pass on a message to the Mexican government, and taunting a news source over his refusal to admit them to an event.

There’s no sign that Macy’s is particularly concerned about a boycott. This may be in part because, despite their long-time business contract with Trump, he failed to get their Twitter handle right in his tweet. Macy’s department store is located at “@Macys,” while the handle that Donald Trump tweeted, “@Macy,” goes to the account of a user who hasn’t tweeted since 2010.

[Photo by: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]