5 Reasons The Seattle Seahawks Will Be The Winners of Super Bowl LI

I have to admit this is a sports article that I simply do not want to write. However, my gut instinct is telling me the Seattle Seahawks are going to be the victors of the next Super Bowl upon the dawn of 2017. Yes, despite me being a lifelong Broncos fan, I have come to the conclusion they will not repeat as Super Bowl champions. There are a number of reasons why I think the Broncos will not win the next Super Bowl and why Seattle just might do it. These factors encompass both teams, including some characteristics on the Seahawks and some dealing with the Broncos. Consider the following.

First of all, they are not as injury plagued. Last year at this time, Earl Thomas was going through an off-season shoulder surgery and Richard Sherman was going through a strict rehabilitation regime. They were definitely a banged-up crew and it definitely affected their ability to compete on the field. Thomas actually played the first few games of last season in a brace and did not look like his perennial Pro Bowler he is until several games into the season.

Second, another good reason why I think the Seahawks just might compete for Super Bowl LI would be because this year there are no contract holdouts. Last year, Michael Bennett was very adamant that he wasn’t happy with his contract. Kam Chancellor not only was unhappy with his contract, but he surprised everyone by holding out for all of the preseason, and even a couple games into the season.

Seahawks practicing

The Seahawks also have high ratings from the Odds Makers. The Carolina Panthers are the highest presently on the Las Vegas odds, with a mark of 7-1. The Patriots follow, simply because as long as the tandem of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady continue to operate they will be perennial contenders. Finally, the Seahawks are third on the list with a mark of 10-1. Denver is in fifth at 15-1.

Another thing to keep in mind would be the fact the Broncos have a great deal of uncertainty at quarterback. They have Mark Sanchez, who is widely known for the “butt fumble,” and they have an unproven and untested Paxton Lynch as a rookie. There has even been much talk that Lynch may end up taking over for Sanchez even before the 2017 season concludes. Because of their uncertainty at quarterback, there is definitely a chance they could end up being defeated before they reach Superbowl LI.

Another common denominator that could well play a role for a Seahawks win in Superbowl LI just might be the play of Russell Wilson. Indeed, last year he was looking like an elite quarterback. He passed for 4,024 yards, had 34 touchdowns with only 8 interceptions. Because this team continues to be a cohesive unit otherwise, everything just might hinge on the play of this quarterback. If Wilson plays well, he could lead this team to victory in the playoffs and a spot in Super Bowl LI.

So there you have it. The Seattle Seahawks have as good of a chance as any to win next year’s Super Bowl. The fact they are now a cohesive unit, the high ratings they have received from Las Vegas oddsmakers, and the fact Russell Wilson is coming off a great year even under less-than-ideal circumstances could make for an ideal year for the Seattle Seahawks.

Of course, there is no guaranteed of whom will win next year’s Super Bowl, and that’s why they play the game. But judging from the factors of the Seattle Seahawks they could very easily be winning it all come next year.

[AP Photo/Ted S. Warren]