Muslim Arkansas Couple Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats, FBI Involved

A Muslim Arkansas couple (the pair reportedly converted to Islam) have been arrested after reportedly making terrorist threats. The pair, Alan and Daphne Crawford, were arrested in separate incidents on the same day, according to law enforcement. Both arrests took place on June 16. Alan Crawford was arrested in Sebastian County, Arkansas and Daphne was arrested in Washington County, Arkansas. The couple is facing terroristic threatening charges, says 5 News Online. The FBI is reportedly now involved in the case.

The Muslim Arkansas couple's current legal problems began back on May 24 at Mel's Diner in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. It was at that time, according to accounts, that Alan Crawford got irritated at a waitress who was reportedly "slamming the door" between the kitchen and the dining room. Per the Washington County, Arkansas arrest warrant, Crawford (a Muslim) said at that time that, "Only a Christian would treat [the Muslim Arkansas couple] like that." Following the point where he vented his frustration over his perception of the waitress' attitude, the male half of the Muslim Arkansas couple got increasingly angry because he felt like his food cost too much and his order was taking too long to be completed.

Before the Muslim Arkansas couple left Mel's Diner, Daphne Crawford reportedly uttered the words that would turn mere frustration into a potential terrorist threat.
"People like you are the reason we kill."
In addition to freaking out the waitress at the diner, an arrest affidavit indicates that the Arkansas Muslim couple took to social media to further extrapolate on their threat. Reportedly, the pair made multiple social media reports pertaining to threats of violence as well as which displayed weapons.
The waitress at Mel's diner wasn't the only one reportedly targeted by the Arkansas Muslim couple, according to accounts from law enforcement. The Arkansas couple is also said to have targeted a woman who made a Facebook post asking if anyone knew the Arkansas couple, according to the affidavit.

In that instance, Daphne Crawford reportedly began a conversation with the woman who made the Facebook query. Her husband, Alan Crawford, is an ex-Navy SEAL, and the Arkansas woman told the woman that he was going to show up with an AK-47.

Daphne Crawford also reportedly then shared a photo of her husband, dressed in Muslim garb and kneeling with the weapon in question.

Daphne Crawford, one-half of the Arkansas Muslim couple who was arrested on Thursday, had her bail set at $3,500 following her arrest. She bonded out of the Washington County, Arkansas Detention Center on Friday according to jail records.

Her husband Alan Crawford was also arrested on Thursday. His arrest had to do with incidents that occurred on June 8.

According to jail records, that was the day that the Arkansas Muslim was involved in an incident with a car lot owner. On that day, Alan Crawford had been planning on purchasing a vehicle. Unfortunately, through an act of God, that vehicle ended up damaged in a hail storm. When the Arkansas man showed up to return the loaner vehicle he'd been using prior to the purchase, he was told by the car lot owner that the vehicle he'd intended to purchase had been damaged and the car lot owner attempted to refund the money Crawford had already paid for the vehicle.

It was at that point that the Arkansas Muslim convert became utterly irate and threatened to kill the car lot owner, according to reports. After threatening the lot owner's life, he reportedly returned to the loaner vehicle and asked an unidentified woman in the passenger seat to give him a gun so he could carry out his threats. She reportedly refused, and the couple immediately left the area.

The FBI reportedly contacted the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office on June 10 after it was reported to him by a member of the local Arkansas Muslim community. The agent was already involved in the Crawford case following the threats made at Mel's Diner.

Following an investigation and a public notification to be on alert for the Muslim Arkansas couple, the FBI and state troopers in Arkansas arrested Alan Crawford on June 16. At that time, Crawford reportedly told investigators that he would not willingly be interviewed.

Mr. Crawford's bond was set at $10,000 after the judge in the case took into consideration past legal incidents involving the Crawfords.

Back in 2015, the Arkansas Muslim couple had to be escorted out of Fort Smith's Central Mall after it had been determined that they had actively been involved in recording stores there.

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