Taylor Swift Starts Love Story With Tom Hiddleston, Breaks Calvin Harris’ Heart

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston surprised their fans when they were seen locking lips recently in Rhode Island. And it wasn’t just a single kiss that might be misinterpreted. From canoodling to holding hands, Swift made it clear that Hiddleston is her chosen new boyfriend, with pictures as evidence of their romance.

As photos circulated of Hiddleston with the singer on social media, E News followed up with confirmation that it’s time to put the two on the hot new couple alert list.

So, what’s the scoop on Tom? In addition to earning his place on the list of Taylor Swift Boyfriends Past And President, Hiddleston has become famed for his acting skills in Thor and The Avengers. As to what Tom can offer the singer with regard to love, he’s become known for his sense of romance.

Taylor Swift has found love again after her split from Calvin Harris. Taylor Swift has found love again after her split from Calvin Harris. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]“I like strong women. My mother and sisters are very strong women, immensely independent and very capable and that’s what I feel comfortable with,” revealed Hiddleston. “My mother places a huge importance on decency and kindness.”

In addition, Tom provided some tips on what he seeks in a woman. For those wondering what about Swift attracts the actor, he considers women who act like themselves to have true sex appeal.

“I guess the sexiest thing in the world is when I meet someone and they seem like they are themselves.”

Turning to Twitter, Hiddleston has urged everyone to express their love (which may be why he went from zero to 100 when it comes to that PDA parade with Taylor).

“Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them. Loudly and often,” tweeted Tom. “You never know when it might be too late. #LoveYourLife.”

So what can Swift fans expect when it comes to the romantic dates that Hiddleston will arrange for their future? Tom sees a difference between going for conventional romance (think roses and wine) versus putting the romantic in the everyday.

“I think, if you’re going to be conventionally romantic, you’ve got to go all the way: a beautiful dinner somewhere lovely, with boat-loads of flowers, chocolates and champagne,” mused Hiddleston. “But it might also be nice to wrap up warm and sit on a roof somewhere, with a cup of hot soup and your girl, watch the planes come in over London and listen to the night.”

Taylor appears to have found a romantic replacement for Calvin Harris in Tom, but when it comes to their split, it wasn’t exactly the stuff of which love stories are made. Instead, she dumped Calvin with a phone call, according to TMZ‘s sources.

As to where she might have gotten the idea to split from Harris by using the phone? Taylor was candid in expressing her anger when Joe Jonas pulled precisely the same move when he broke up with her.

Taylor Swift reportedly dumped Calvin Harris in a phone call. Taylor Swift reportedly dumped Calvin Harris in a phone call. [Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]The insiders revealed that Swift was in Nashville when she picked up the phone to inform him that they were over. Her message conveying that she was done with him occurred after he was in a car crash. However, Taylor did not detail her reasons for ending their romance, telling Harris that she required some space.

How did Calvin feel after he received the phone call from his former girlfriend? He was in shock and heartbroken, having erroneously assumed that Swift was committed to their relationship and wanted to help him get better after the car crash.

The report about the phone call method to dump someone is deja vu all over again: Taylor talked with Ellen DeGeneres in 2008, and described in detail how Joe Jonas informed her in a 27-second call that he was dumping her, pointed out Wonderwall.

Swift made a prediction at that time about her future when it comes to romance.

“You know what, it’s like, when I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful. When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.”

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]