Ashley Graham Embraces Cellulite In Bold Instagram Pic

Ashley Graham changed the way the world views Sports Illustrated models when she appeared on the cover of the magazine. Ashley, who is a size 16, is very proud of her body and isn’t afraid to show it off; an Instagram picture features the model riding a bicycle in a very short dress. One could catch glimpses of the cellulite in her body, but she couldn’t care less.

And her fans are going ga-ga over the picture.

“She’s a true girl!!!????” said one.

“You are a hero,” said another.

The Inquisitr has previously reported that Ashley Graham has become a poster child for women her size.

Although several terms have been used to describe her, she does not particularly like the term “real women.”

“I don’t like to use the words ‘real women,’ honestly,” she told Elle in February. “I like to use the word ‘woman.’ And I say that because there are so many women out there who are naturally thin, or are naturally curvy.” It looks like Ashley Graham truly knows what she wants.

She has always maintained that it’s not the size that matters, as long as one is healthy. “It is so important to be healthy and I truly believe you can be healthy at any size,” says the model, according to Daily Mail.

“You can be a size 2, 12 or 22, it doesn’t matter as long as you get off the couch and you take care of your body. Your body is going to thank you at the end of the day.”

However, Ashley’s journey hasn’t been without its pitfalls and controversies. An allegation was made against her, stating that her Maxim cover was allegedly retouched. A lot of her followers came forward to suggest her picture had been Photoshopped, the Independent reported.

One user wrote, “Definitely Photoshopped. That is unfortunate after everything you stand for Ashley.. your curves are gorgeous and Maxim should not have to minimize who you are…shame on them!”

Another added, “It’s a shame they Photoshopped her to appear slimmer. They should have left her be. What’s the point of featuring a plus-size model on the cover if they’re just going to make her look like the generic girls you see on their magazine.”

Do you think Ashley’s Maxim cover looks Photoshopped?

She has talked about being Photoshopped before, and she goes on to say that it’s not what she prefers. “I believe in a little bit,” the model said. “But when you’re reconstructing my body, when you’re reshaping my hips and my thighs and you’re taking certain cellulite away — Hello! I talk about it! I got cellulite. It’s like, don’t do that, because the customer realizes and the girl who follows me realizes it’s just overdone. There is a tasteful way to do it.”

However, Ashley has said that she is very proud to be on the cover of Maxim. “I’m beyond proud to be the first curvy woman on the cover of Maxim,” the 28-year-old said a statement. “I was not slimmed down on the cover, and Gilles Bensimon did an amazing job capturing my true figure in all of the photos.”

It looks like Ashley Graham has got a lot of body confidence, and she’s not letting it slip away because of anyone.

Do you think like Ashley Graham, every woman should embrace her cellulite? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Andrew H Walker/Getty Images]